IELTS voc17

  1. campaign
    planned and organized series of actions intended to achieve a specific goal
  2. clerk
    service desk worker
  3. goods
    supplies, articles, merchandise (merchandyze)
  4. laborer
    somebody in job needing physical effort
  5. niche (nitch)
    • specialized market
    • suitable place for somebody
  6. carve out
    make something by working hard
  7. perk
    • addition benefits beside the salary
    • bonus, incentive, pro
  8. retirement
    leave of job or career
  9. withdraw
    remove or take back soemthing
  10. takeover
    assumption of control
  11. unemployment
    joblessness NOT DISOCCUPATION
  12. wages
    salary, pay
  13. exhausting
    • tiring, wearing, draining
    • consuming
  14. monotonous
    repetitive, unvaried, boring
  15. retail
    • sale to consumer
    • not wholesale
  16. redundant
    superfluous, unneeded
  17. endorse
    approve something formally
  18. persuade
    convince somebody to do something
  19. cosmetic
    beautifying substance
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