1. Name five Baroque forms that lead the way to the
    • Italian Sinfonia
    • French Overture
    • Concerto/Concerto Grosso
    • Trio Sonata
    • Dance Suite
  2. What was the main function of the wind instruments in the baroque orchestra?
    • doubling, reinforcing strings
    • filling in harmonies
  3. What are the two most characteristic differences between the French Overture and the Italian ‘Sinfonia’?
    FO has 2 sections (slow intro into a fast movement) and the IS has 3 movments (fast-slow-fast)

    FO polyphonic in nature , IS homophonic
  4. What Baroque form provided the basic raw material for the symphony of the concert hall?
    Italian Sinfonia
  5. Name five early 18th Century composers and their compositions.
    • Stamitz (Symphony in DM of 1755 or Viola Concerto)
    • Sammartini (Symphony in FM No. 32 of 1740)
    • Jommelli (Sinfonia, Overture to Bajette)
    • Mathias Monn (Symphony in DM of 1740)
    • Leopold Mozart (Toy Symphony)
    • Wagenseil (Symphony in DM of 1746)
  6. Name nine (of fourteen) dance forms that J.S. Bach did use in his Orchestral Suites.
    • Gavotte
    • Courente
    • Sarabande
    • Bouree
    • Minuet
    • Gigue
    • Passepied
    • Polonaise
    • Forlane
  7. In what way did the Sinfonia contribute to the development of the symphony?
    groups of sinfonias issued in 1740's-1750's published as 1st collection of symphonies

    • 3 movement plan (fast-slow-fast)
    • homophonic texture
    • light, dance-like final movement
  8. In what way did the Suite contribute to the development of the symphony?
    • basis of sonata allegro form
    • four movements
    • binary form of instrumental music
    • dance-like movments (minuet)
  9. In what way did the Sonata contribute to the development of the symphony?
    trio sonata's 3 part texture influenced symphonic idea of 2 melodic voices supported by bass.
  10. In what way did the Concerto or Concerto grosso contribute to the development of the symphony?
    • use of contrasting groups of instruments
    • virtuosic writing for solo instruments
    • the idea of instrumental music written for public concerts for string orchestras
  11. In what way did the French Overture contribute to the development of the symphony?
    idea of the slow introduction into a fast movement whose basic style was transitional, nonthematic and lacking in self sufficiency.
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