Spanish Armarda 2

  1. Explain, in detail, 3 reasons why the Spanish Armarda was defeated.
    • 1) The Spanish fleet were far from their own ports. This meant they had to stop and take on fresh supplies making them vulnerable to attack.
    • 2) The English took advantage of this and sent in fire ships to cause panic amongst the Spanish fleet, this helped break up the Spanish cresecent formation.
    • 3) The crescent formation favoured by the Spanish only really helped them if they could get close to the English ships. The English fleet consisted of much lighter and more agile vessels that allowed them to out manouvere their enemies. The Spanish were not able to board any English ships, a key part of their plan.
    • 4) The English fleet blocked the Spanish retreat to the south, the prevailing wind forced the ship north around the northern coast of Ireland. The Spanish beleived that they would find support from the Catholic Irish but they were mistaken. The Irish treated the Spanish as invaders and forced them back onto their ships.
    • 5) The Spanish soon ran out of supplies and disease spread quickly in theor overcrowded ships, this led to thousands of deaths.
  2. Elizabeth said "God blew and they were scattered." Explain in detail what she meant by this statement bout the defeat of the Armada.
    • 1) The wind broke up the Spanish fleet.
    • 2) The phrase suggests that God was on the side of the English suggesting that their cause was just.
    • 3)"Scattered" also suggests that the Spanish were easy to defeat.
    • 4) The phrase also shows Elizabeth recognising God's overall power.
  3. "I sent you to fight with men and not the weather." What was he suggesting about the defeat of the Armarda?
    Philip suggests that the Spanish were defeated by the powers of the weather. He might be implying that there was nothing the Spanish could do about this, maybe even that the English were at an unfair advantage.
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