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  1. Fluid intelligence
    • The ability to use your mind actively to solve novel problems.
    • Ex:to solve verbal analogies, remember unrelated pairs or words, reconize relationships among geometric figures.
  2. Crystallized intelligence
    • The use of knowledge acquired through schooling and other life experiences.
    • Ex: what temperature does water boil?
    • what is the meaning of duplicate
  3. Mental age
    • The level of age graded problems that the child is able to solve.
    • Ex: A child who passes all items at the 5 year old level but does poorly on more advanced items is said to be mental age of 5 regardless of the childs actual age.
  4. Intelligence quotient
    IQ= Mental age/chronological X 100
  5. Savant syndrome
    The phenomenon is which extraordinary talent in a particular area is displayed by a person with mental retardation.
  6. Triarchic theory of intelligence
    Proposed by:
    • proposed by Robert Sternberg
    • Emphasizes 3 components that also contribute to inteligent behavior:
    • 1)Practical or contextual
    • 2)creative or experimental
    • 3)analytic components
  7. Automatization
    An increased efficiency of information processing with practice.
  8. people who are high in this practical component of intelligence can adapt to the environment that they find themselves in, they can shape the environment to optimize their strenths and minimize their weaknesses.
    Street smarts or common sence
    Practical component
  9. When a person first encounters a new task is not the same as what is intelligence after intensiveexperience with that task. The individual's ability to come up with creative ideas or fresh insights.
    Creative component
  10. People who are high on this component can plan what to do, monitor progress, filter out information that is irrelivant asnd focus on relevant, compare new information to existing knowledge and evaluate outcomes.
    Analytic component
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