1. metabolic wastes of a human
    • carbon dioxide
    • water
    • salts
    • urea
  2. excretory organs
    • lungs
    • liver
    • sweat glands
    • kidneys
  3. lungs
    • excretion of carbon dioxide + water vapor
    • wastes of cellular respiration
  4. Liver
    • deamination
    • breakdown of red blood cells
  5. deamination
    • used to get rid of excess amino acids
    • amino group is removed from amino acids
    • amino groups converted into urea
    • urea excreted to the kidneys
  6. sweat glands (skin)
    excrete wastes (water, salts, small amount of urea)
  7. perspiration (sweat)
    • the mixture of wastes and water excreted by the sweat glands
    • regulates body temp
  8. what does the human urinary system consist of?
    • kidneys
    • ureters
    • urinary bladder
    • urethra
  9. kidneys
    • remove urea from the blood
    • regulate the concentrations of most substances in body fluids
  10. glomerulus
    ball of capillaries
  11. nephron
    • the functional unit of the kidney
    • about 1 mil in one kidney
  12. ureters and urinary bladder
    • urine flows from each kidney to a large tubule called the ureter
    • ureters carry urine to the bladder
  13. urethra
    urine is periodically expelled from the bladder into the urethra which leads outside the body
  14. gout
    disposition of uric acid in the joints
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