Africa Geography, Colonialism, and Eastern Quiz

  1. What are rifts?
    Rifts are long, deep valleys with mountains or plateaus on either side.
  2. Eastern Africa has many mountains, but the tallest one is...?
    Mount Kilimanjaro
  3. Plains along the eastern rift in what are home to many national parks?
    Tanzania and Kenya
  4. Water from Lake Victoria is the source of the ________. Waters from Ethiopia's highlands form the ________. These two rivers meet in Khartoum, _______ to create the mighty _______.
    White Nile, Blue Nile, Sudan, Nile River
  5. What is Africa's largest lake in area?
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    • Lake Victoria!

    It is very shallow though :D
  6. Some lakes in Africa people can't swim in, what is the reason for this?
    They are too hot
  7. Northern Sudan and the northeastern coast have what two climates?
    Steppe and desert
  8. East Africa has a what climate?
    Tropical savanna climate! :D
  9. Most East Africans are of what occupancy?
    Cattle herders or farmers.
  10. Define colonialism
    When someone sends people out to a distant territory to take over their economy and politics.
  11. What was the Berlin Conference?
    It was when a group of european powers came together in 1884 to make guidelines to regulate African trade and areas that would be colonized for their own economical and political benefit.
  12. Why did European countries want to colonize Africa? Name 4 or 5 reasons.
    For raw materials, cheap labor, Suez Canal, it was a place to invest there money, for new and more markets so they could get more money.
  13. When did the Europeans begin to colonize Africa?
    In the late 1800s
  14. King Leopold the second and Henry Stanley set up the Democratic Republic of the Congo when?
    In 1876

    They set it up, but the numbers go down :) haha
  15. Africa was mostly under European control when?
    In 1902
  16. African countries gained independance from Europeans when?
    In the 1960s
  17. Why did missionaries want Africa to be colonized?
    So that Africans would transfer to Christianity
  18. What increases possible conflict between Europeans and Africans?
    Their borders are so close together
  19. When Europeans colonized Africa, what advantage did the Europens have?
    Technological, especially with machine guns.
  20. Africa as what bad thing?
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