1. the rising of the moon?
    lady isabella augusta gregory
  2. the rocking horse winner?
    D.H Lawrence
  3. araby?
    james joyce
  4. A cup of tea?
    katherine mansfield
  5. The duchess and the jeweller?
    victoria woolf
  6. The Naming of cats?
    T.S Eliot
  7. Musee des beaux arts?
  8. The Unknown Citizen?
  9. What i expected?
    Stephen Spender
  10. Do not got gentle into that good night?
    Dylan Thomas
  11. D.H lawrence?
    • novels considered to be racy, were banned
    • writes in stream of conciousness
  12. stream of consciousness?
    reading his thoughts and emotions
  13. James Joyce?
    • premier irish writer
    • father was alcoholic, joyce died of it
  14. Virginia woolf?
    • mentally ill
    • drowned herself
  15. T.S Eliot?
    • modernist poetry
    • helped to define the contours of modern poetry
  16. W.H Auden?
    originally british who became an american
  17. Stephen Spender?
    created humanistic works
  18. Dylan Thomas?
    • died from alcoholism
    • set a new standard for modern poetry
  19. Ex-patriot?
    • american who became a british citizen
    • **ex. T.S Eliot
  20. where is T.S eliot buried?
    westminster abbey
  21. Odd about Eliot's poetry?
    • very hard to understand
    • very obstuse
  22. What happens in dont go gentle into that good night?
    • Thomas is telling his dying father to go out with a fight
    • *dont just burn out and die
  23. What is happening in the painting with musee des beuax?
    • icarus is drowning and nobody cares
    • **human nature in general does not care
  24. What is what i expected about?
    what he expected of war is different from what he sees
  25. The Unknown citizen is about?
    • the perfect citizen blends in, follows the course of life
    • *does everything right in society that hes supposed to be doing
  26. The naming of cats is about?
    • cat has 3 names
    • practical name
    • flowery name
    • name the cat knows itself but wont tell anyone
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