Chapter 10 Section 3

  1. What did the Indian Removal Act of 1830 do?
    -allowed gov't agents to "negotiate" treaties to gain indian lands
  2. Why did southern whites want Indian lands? (2)
    -found gold on Indian land in GA

    -for cotton plantations
  3. -new homeland for Native Americans, which contained most of present-day Oklahoma
    Indian Territory
  4. How did Jackson feel that Indian Removal was justified? (2)
    -removing indians would protect them from conflicts with whites and would help to preserve their culture

    -indians were either U.S. citizens, or conquered people- either way they had to obey U.S. law
  5. -an agency created to oversee the federal policy toward Native Americans
    Bureau of Indian Affairs
  6. How did the Cherokee attempt to prevent conflicts with the white population and avoid removal?
    -they tried to adapt to white culture and get along with whites
  7. What did the Supreme Court rule the case Worcester v. Georgia? (3)
    -Tribes had a right to keep their land

    -States/National Gov't did not control tribes

    -U.S. gov't had to protect these rights
  8. -a Cherokee who used 86 characters to represent Cherokee syllables to create a written language
  9. -lead Fox and Sauk Indians against Indian removal in IL
    Black Hawk
  10. -Led 2nd Seminole war in FL against Indian removal
  11. What did Jackson do in response to the court's ruling?
    -ignored the ruling and enforced Indian Removal
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Chapter 10 Section 3
Chapter 10 Section 3