Unit 2 Vocab

  1. Circumvent
    -to avoid, prevent, escape from.

    ex: I had to swerve to the right to circumvent a hug pothole.
  2. Cohesive
    -sticking or holding together, connected, unified

    ex: A family needs to be cohesive- to stay together even when stresses and strains threaten to tear it apart.
  3. Grievous
    -causing grief or pain, terrible

    ex: The assassination of a great leader, such as Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. often does grievous harm to a society.
  4. Inundate
    - to floodm cover, overwhelm

    ex: During the heavy rains the river overflowe and inundated the fields, destroying all the crops.
  5. Oblivious
    - unaware, failing to notice

    ex: The driver continued into the intersection, apparently oblivious to the fact that the light turned red.
  6. Reticent
    -quiet uncommunicative; reluctant to speak out

    ex: It's od that many people who love to gossip about someone else are so reticent about their own lives.
  7. Robust
    -healthy and strong; vigorous

    ex: Once energetic, robust man, Mr. Rand has been considerably weakened by illness.
  8. Sanction
    -to authorize, allow, or approve

    ex: The principal wouldn't sanction the use of the gym for an after school dance club, even though one of the teachers agreed to be in charge of it.
  9. Vociferous
    - adjective
    - loud, noisy

    ex: The baseball player's protest was vociferous-he stamped his feet and screamed at the umpire.
  10. Attrition
    - a natural loss of individuals

    ex: Sport teams are constantly looking for new talent to replace players lost through attrition- those who retire, quit because of injuries, and so on.
  11. Bolster
    - to hold up, strengthen, reinforce, support.

    ex: The front porch was sagging so we had to bolster it with cinder blocks until it could be repaired.
  12. Depreciate
    - to lower in value

    ex: As soon as you drive a new car off the lot, it depreciates; it's immeditally worth less than you paid for it.
  13. Indiscriminate
    -not selective; not chosen carefully

    ex: Some people end up hopelessly in debt because of indiscriminate spending, so be selective about what and how much you buy.
  14. Inquisitive
    curious, eager to learn, questioning

    ex: Small children are naturally inquisitive. They wonder about the world around then, and they are constantly asking "Why?"
  15. Nebulous
    -vague, unclear; indefinite

    ex: "A good essay cannot be nebulous," The English instructor explained. "It must contain sharp, precise details."
  16. Relegate
    -to send, to assign to a less important position.

    ex: At family gatherings, we kids were always relegated to the kitchen table, while the adults ate in the dining room.
  17. Replete
    - filled, plentifully supplied

    ex: The show was replete with dazzling effect, including gorgeous scenery, glittering costumes, dramatic lighting, and thrilling music.
  18. Sedentary
    - marked by much sitting

    ex: People in sedentary occupations such as bus drivers and writers, need to make a special effort to exercise.
  19. Tenet
    - a belief or principle

    ex: One of the basic tenets of democracy is freedom of speech.
  20. Terse
    - short; brief and clear

    ex: I was hurt by Roberto's terse response to my invitation all he said was "No thanks."
  21. Clandestine
    -secert; kept hidden

    ex: The famous "Underground Railroal" was not an actual railroad; it was a clandestine network that took escaped slaves to safety in the years before the civil war.
  22. Contingency
    - a possibility

    ex: Faye thought her company night transfer her to another city. With that contingency in mind, she decided to rent a house rather that buy one.
  23. Egocentric
    - self-centere, seeing everything in terms of oneself

    ex: Denise is completely egocentric. Whatever event takes place, she thinks only of how it will affect her personally.
  24. Exonerate
    - to be found not guilty

    ex: Saul was suspected of shoplifting, but he was exonerated when the hidden camera's photos clearly showed another man taking handfuls of DVD's from a rack and stuffing them into his backpack.
  25. Incongruous
    -contradictory; out of place; inconsistent.

    ex: It wasn't really incongruous for former general to join the peace movement. He had seen the horrors of war.
  26. Indigenous
    - native

    ex: Kangaroos are indigenous only to Australia. They have never been found living anywhere else in the world.
  27. Liability
    -a handicap; disadvantage; drawback

    ex: My shyness with strangers would be a liability in any job that involve meeting the public, such as sales.
  28. Prolific
    -fertile; creating abundantly

    ex: Rabbits deserve, their reputation for being prolific. A female rabbit can produce three families each summer.
  29. Reinstate
    - to put back; to restore to a previous position or condition

    ex: The college had canceled the course in folklore, but the demand was so great that the class had to be reinstated.
  30. Superfluous
    - unnecessary; extra, beyond what is needed

    ex: Lately, business at the store has heen so slow that the there clerks have almost nothing to do. Two of them seem superfluous.
  31. Austere
    -very plain; severely simple

    ex: Ms. Stone's appearance was austere. She wore plain, dark-colored clothing with no jewelry and she never used make up.
  32. Esoteric
    -difficult to understand, understoo by only a certain group.

    ex: The instruction manuals that come with computer software often us such esoteric terms that they seem to be written in a foreign language.
  33. Facsimile
    -an accurate copy, exact copy

    ex: The word fax is short for facsimile. With a fax machine, you can send a precise image of a document across the country electronically in seconds.
  34. Grotesque
    - strange-looking; distorte shape.

    ex: Most people found the movie character E.T, adorable, but I though the little alien was grotesque, with it's weird combination of babyish features and old wrinkled skin.
  35. Mesmerize
    (mez- me-riz)
    to fascinate; hypnotize

    ex: The intense eyes of the woman in the photograph mesmerized me. I couldn't take my eyes off the picture.
  36. Metamorphosis
    - a change in for, transformation

    ex: A caterpiller's transformation into a butterfly is a well-known example of metamorphosis.
  37. Notorious
    -regard negatively, ill known

    ex: Batman and Robin matched wits with the Joker and The Penguin, who were notorious for their evil deeds.
  38. Perfunctory
    -uninterested; done only as routine.

    ex: the doctor's examination was perfunctory. It seeme to be just going through the motions without taking any interest in the patient.
  39. Provocative
    -attention-getting; arouse interest or curiosity

    ex: "A good essay is provocative," said our English teacher, "It gets the reader interested and attentive, starting with the very first paragraph.
  40. Travesty
    -mockery, joking , disrespectful imitation

    ex: The faternity skit, a travesty of college life, exaggerated and ridiculed many campus activities.
  41. Connoisseur
    - an authority; expert

    ex: Curtis has broad knowledge of French wines- where they are made, when they are at their best, and exactly how each one tastes. He's a true connoisseur.
  42. Conspiracy
    - secert plot

    ex: Although only Lee Harvey Oswald was arested for the assassination of Presient Kennedy. Many believe there was a conspiracy to kill the President.
  43. Contrite
    - sorry

    ex: Dolores was especially contrite about tearing her sister's dress, because she borrowe it without permission.
  44. Distraught
    -upset; distressed, bery troubled

    ex: The parents of the little girl who wandere of in the crowde mall were distraught until she was found.
  45. Germane
    -related; issue at hand, relevant

    ex: Stacy went to the law library to look up information that might be germane to her client's case.
  46. Lucid
    -easy to understand, clearly expressed

    ex: I usually fin computer manuals horribly unclear. but this one is lucid.
  47. Plight
    -am unfortunate situation

    ex: The plight of the homeless can be smoewhat relieved by decent shelters.
  48. Superficially
    -slightly, not thoroughly

    ex: Nina spent a full week studying for the exam. Joyce, however, reviewed superficially flipping through the pages of her text book an hour before the test.
  49. Symmetrical

    ex: No one's face is perfectly symmetrical. For example, one eye is usually slightly higher than the other and the left and right sides of the mouth differ.
  50. Verbose

    ex: Gabe is the most verbose person I know. He always uses ten words when one would do.
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