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  1. as we have seen , there was discrimination against eastern and southern ..... and ...... in the immigration policies adopted by the USA after ...... . there was also discrimination against minorities living in the USA such as ..... .... , ...... ..... and ...... . Most of the native americans for instance were forced to live on reservations where the soil was too ...... to .... ..... ...
    • europeans
    • asians
    • 1918
    • Puerto Ricans
    • Native Americans
    • blacks
    • poor to grown enough food
  2. the blacks fared a little better . there was a small drift of 's black people in the ...... in the 1920's , but over .....% of the .......... million black americands lived i n the south
    • north
    • 75
    • 11.9
  3. blacks were discriminated against in
    employment , housing and education . They usually had to make do with the lowest paid jobs , worst working conditions and slum housing . they also had to suffer ther persecution of the Ku Klux Klan
  4. the KKK was a ...... ..... (named safter the greek word kuklos meaning a circle) , which aimed to .... .... ..... and ....... ..... whereever it could
    • secret society
    • stir up racial and religious hatred
  5. formed in ..... , the kkk had lapsed and was reformed in ....... by William ....... . In the 1920's a dentist from Texas called ...... .... .... became the leader (or ..... .... as he was known as) and between 1920 and 1925 about ........ million white Americans joined the KKK
    • 1886
    • 1915
    • Simmons
    • Hiram Wesley Evand
    • imperial wizard
    • 5
  6. members of the KKK had to be
    • white
    • born in the USA
    • believe in white supreamacy
    • protestant
  7. the KKK hated
    • blacks
    • roman catholics
    • jews
    • foreigners -
  8. the KKK claimed to be
    fighting to protect white protestants from danger , they argued that the American way of life was under threat not only from the African Americans but also from jews catholics and immigrants . there was a similarity here with the ideas which lay behind the immigration acts , and the KKK talked about 100% americanism
  9. the KKK's appeal was mainly sited in the
    southern states , where the majority of black people lived , where the powerful idea of white supreamacy was unquestioned . The Klan's appeal also spread to the western and northern states , where catholics and jews became the targets
  10. the activities of the klan were brutal . they terrorised anyone who they said was "un-american" . Their activities included
    violent actions such as branding and mutilations , lynching , flogging and tar feathering . Thesec methods were especially used on African Americans
  11. lynching was common . lynching was when
    a mob decided to put someone to death , often by hanging , even though that person was not guilty of a crime and had not been tried in a court of law
  12. The KKK held secret meetings at night , wearing
    white outfits and pointed hats ,
  13. the KKK often went openly on parades through streets . in ...... they were able to hold a huge parade (of ........ thousand men) in the capital city of ....... with no intervention of state officials
    • 1925
    • 40
    • Washington
  14. the Klansmen had their own (often preposterous) :
    language and held klonversation using codes
  15. the whole of the south was known as the ..... ..... and each state was called a .......... , led by a ...... ....... . Local units or "....." were run by an ........ ....
    • invisible empire
    • realm
    • grand dragon
    • dens
    • exalted cyclops
  16. tranlate this conversation into klonversation
    (are you a klansman)
    (a klansmen i am)
    (countersign and pasword or written evidence)
    (klansmen i great you)
    • ayak
    • akia
    • capowe
    • kigy
  17. the klan attracted support mianly in towns and villages . Mant Klansmen were in the .....or were elected ..... ..... . at least one ...... ...... and one ...... were klansmen
    • police
    • county officials
    • governor
    • senatator
  18. the Klan's influence reached its peak in in the state of ........ where the grand dragon , ....... ..... was politically powerful
    • Indiana
    • David Stephenson
  19. it was also believed that in ...... the KKK helped to elect a governor in ....... , ....... and
    • 1924
    • Marine
    • Colorado
    • Louisiana
  20. the klan reflected the fear of ...... and the discontent that existed in the USA after ....... . It gave ...... and ...... to many peoples lives . it also suited the .narrow-minded ...... outlook of many Americans who saw the Klan's activities as a ..... ...
    • foreigners
    • W.W.1.
    • excitement
    • purpose
    • religious
    • moral crusade
  21. those who hated the Klan's activities were
    usually too frightened to speak out against it
  22. the KKK was only a strong force in the ...... , by the ..... the KKK was in ruins
    • 1920's
    • 1930's
  23. the KKK was split by ..... ...... . When the grand dragon of ....... , was convicted of ....... it weakened the KKK as they realised that they could no longer avoid ........ There was a growing public hostility about the Klan's activities . Even so , ........ and ...... continued
    • internal rivalries
    • Indiana
    • murder
    • prosecution
    • prejudice
    • persecution
  24. Black Americans tried to improve their conditions in the 1920's by setting up reform associations . The ..... .... ... ..... ..... .... ..... .... (......) urged the government to improve their conditions by ...... ... .... They wanted a law giving black people the right .... .... , as many were prevented from .... by unfair local laws
    • national association for the advancement of coloured people
    • NAACP
    • making new laws
    • to vote
    • voting
  25. an example of an unfair local voting law was the :
    grandfather clause , which said that anyone whose granfather had been a slave
  26. Define open door policy
    This describes Americans attitudes towatds immigration in the 18th and 19th , they allowed immigrants to cxome into their country so long as they were willing to work , they had this policy because America was a huge but underdeveloped country and needed as many workers as possible
  27. define literacy test
    a test to see whether immigrants were litterate , if they were illiterate they were turned away
  28. define communists
    an extreme political party that believed that all money should go to the state and everybody should have equal wealth
  29. define red scare
    the fear of the spread of communism
  30. define anarchists
    somebody who doesnt want to respect any authority or government law
  31. define racist
    a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others
  32. define quota
    a fixed number or amount
  33. define white supreamacy
    the beief that whites are superior to other races
  34. define branding
    this is a form of violence and torture used by the KKK against african americans . A metal implement is heated and used to mark the victims
  35. define mutilation
    an injury that can cause disfigurement or that deprives you of limbs or another body part
  36. define tar and feathering
    a form of violence that the KKK used on people they described as "un-american". the victim would have been stripped , painted with tar and then covered in feathers which stick to the tar , this would often have caused death
  37. define lynching
    a form of killing people by hanging , for an alleged offence with or without a legal trial
  38. define kloran
    book of rules to be followed by klansmen
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