Chapter 10 Section 2

  1. Why did northern manufacturers demand a tariff?
    wanted to protect industries from foreign competitors
  2. What did the Tariff of Abominations do? (2)
    put high tax on imports

    was also a tax on raw materials
  3. How was the South taxed twice by the Tariff of Abominations? (2)
    taxed on cotton they exported

    taxed on goods they imported
  4. What did the States' Rights Doctrine state?
    that since the states had formed the national government, state power should be greater than federal power
  5. Who wrote the South Carolina Exposition and Protest?
    John C. Calhoun
  6. How did John C. Calhoun feel about nullification?
    believed states had the right to nullify national laws that they judged to be unconstitutional
  7. What caused the Webster-Hayne Debate?
    Tariff of Abominations, the Nullification Crisis and States' Rights
  8. What did the Nullification Act state?
    -stated the 1828 and 1832 traiffs were unconstitutional and that SC threatened to withdraw from the Union if military froce was used to cllect duties
  9. What did the Force Bill passed by Jackson/Congress do?
    approved use of Army to enforce national laws in SC
  10. -led U.S. Army in SC to enforce national laws
    General Winfield Scott
  11. Who proposed the Comromise Tariff of 1833?
    Henry Clay
  12. What the Compromise Tariff of 1833 do?
    cut tax on cotton exports by 50% from 1833-1842
  13. Why did Jackson oppose the 2nd B.U.S.? (6)
    -Felt bank was unconstitutional

    -Felt bank only helped wealthy, not poor common men

    -Wanted states to have more power over banking system

    -Felt bank had to much economic and political power

    -Bank was blamed for Panic of 1819

    -Jackson lost $$ in bank deals during Panic
  14. -Director of 2nd B.U.S.
    -tried to renew banks charter in 1832
    Nicholas Biddle
  15. Who won the Election of 1832?
    Andrew Jackson
  16. How did Jackson officially "kill" the National bank?
    moved all national government $$ into state banks
  17. What did Nicholas Biddle do in response to Jackson's "killing" of the national bank?
    since common men now went to state banks to get loans, Biddle made it harder for common men to get loans
  18. What were the results of Jackson's War on the Bank? (4)
    -state banks issued lots of paper $$ and gave lots of east loans, which was used by land speculators in West

    -U.S. economy was good temporarily with all $$ printed and loaned by state banks

    -Martin Van Buren won Election of 1836

    -Led to Panic of 1837
  19. What caused the Panic of 1837?
    - Inflation- result of increase in $$ supply from state banks

    -In 1836, Jackson tried to stop inflation-required people to pay loans and buy gov't land in specie

    -State banks ran out of specie-went out of business

    • -Land speclators and small farmers in West couldn't repay loans and lost land
    • -In North, less demand for factory goods
    • -In South, less demand for cotton

    -In 1836, the wheat crop failed-more farmers lost land

    -in 1836, depression in Gr. Britain-lowered demand for southern cotton
  20. What were the results of the Panic of 1837? (2)
    -90% of businesses in East failed

    -Unemployment/homelessness skyrocketed
  21. What did Van Buren do about the Panic of 1837?
    -believed economy would fix itself

    -felt gov't didn't need to help people during Panic
  22. Who formed the Whig Party?
    -Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and John C. Calhoun
  23. What did the Whig want? (2)
    - a weaker president and a stronger Congress

    -Wanted National gov't to help the economy
  24. Who was the Democrats presidential candidate in the Election of 1840?
    Martin Van Buren
  25. Who was the Whigs presidential candidate in the Election of 1840?
    William Henry Harrison
  26. What was John Tyler's nickname?
    "His Accidency"
  27. What did the Webster-Ashburn Treaty do?
    -in 1842 between U.S. and GB, which settled Aroostook War
  28. What was the importance of the Webster-Ashburn Treaty?
    -defined border for British Canada and U.S. Maine/Minnesota
  29. -a fight between lumberjacks over timberland
    Aroostook War
  30. What did the Treaty of Wang Hya do?
    -opened diplomatic realtions and trade between U.S. and China for 1st time
  31. What was Tyler's foreign policy? (2)
    -refused to support a new National Bank

    -Vetoed all laws for internal improvements
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