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  1. Reasons for major control failure
    Loss of crucial info is viewed as a distant, unlikely threat, companies do not understand the control implications of moving from secure to less secure networks, companies do not fully realize that info is a strategic resource, controls are costly and time consuming
  2. How to increase computer control and security
    Hiring full-time security and control staff, making control problems and solutions a major part of employee training, establishing formal info security policies, building controls into systems, moving sensitive data to a safe and secure environment
  3. Threats, Risks and Exposures
    Natural and political disasters, software errors and equipment malfunctions, and unintentional acts and intentional acts
  4. Natural and Political disasters
    Fires, floods, earthquakes, high winds, excessive heat, and war
  5. Software errors and equipment malfunctions
    Software errors, operating system crashes, hardware failures, power outages and fluctuations, and data transmission errors
  6. Unintentional Acts
    Accidents, innocent errors, and omissions from trained personnel, human carelessness, and failure to follow established procedures
  7. Intentional Acts
    Sabotage, which is destroying a system, computer fraud,
  8. Preventive controls
    Eliminate problems before they occur, by hiring qualified personnel, segregating duties, controlling physical assets
  9. Detective controls
    • Detective controls
    • Uncover problems as they occur, having a second person check all important calculations, preparing bank reconciliations and monthly trial balances
  10. Corrective controls
    Help solve problems after they are discovered, store backup copies of files off-site, establishing and practice disaster recovery plans, create a computer emergency response team
  11. Belief system
    Conveys key company values to employees and motivates them to adhere to such ideals
  12. Boundary system
    Promotes ethical behavior by setting limits beyond which an employee must not pass
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