CHapter 10-11 Test

  1. How did the common men feel during the Expansion of Democracy?
    Believed wealthy men controlled political power and government was only serving needs of the wealthy
  2. -public meetings to select a party's presidential and vice presidential cnadidates
    Nominating Conventions
  3. Why was the Election of 1828 known as the first modern election?
    B/C the candidates made personal attacks on eachother known as mudslinging
  4. Who was the National Republicans presidential candidate in the Election of 1828?
    John Quincy Adams
  5. Who was the Democrats presidential candidate in the Election of 1828?
    Andrew Jackson
  6. Who won the Election of 1828?
    Andrew Jackson
  7. What did Jacksonian Democracy include? (4)
    Supported small farmers and factory workers

    Spread democracy into political, economic, and social life

    Limited size and powere of National Government, BUT with a strong Presidential leader

    Use the Spoils System
  8. What other name was given to the Spoils System?
  9. What was positive about the Spoils System?
    made it easier to get things done b/c only one party was ruling
  10. What were some negatives of the Spoils System? (4)
    excludes other party

    limits voice of other party in government

    unqualified people in government jobs

    could possibly lead to corruption, theft, and fraud
  11. What name did the National Rep. give Jacksonian Democracy?
    Mob Rule
  12. Who was Jackson's Vice Presidential running mate in the Election of 1828?
    John C. Calhoun
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