IELTS voc15

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  1. acid rain
    polluted rain
  2. biodiversity
    range of organisms in environment
  3. contamination
    • act of contaminating something: make it dirty and impure
    • pollution, infection
  4. deforestation
    remove trees from an area of land
  5. disposal
    • the process of getting rid or throwing something
    • discarding, dumping
  6. drought (drowt)
    period of extremely dry weather
  7. exhaust (fumes) (n)
    discharge of waste gases
  8. fumes
    smoke, gas or vapor
  9. greenhouse
  10. pollutant
    • something causing pollution
    • toxin, poison
  11. strain
    • stress: intense demand on body
    • *under considerable strain
  12. conceive
    • imagine, envisage, visualize
    • invent or devise something
    • *conceived and written by Chuck Lorre
  13. devastate
    damage severely
  14. feasible
  15. futile
    • in vain: having no practical effects
    • frivolous: lacking serious value
  16. immune
    safe from disease
  17. improbable
    difficult to believe
  18. insoluble
    cannot be dissolved in liquid
  19. irreparable
    not repairable
  20. liable
  21. pervasive
    present everywhere, present throughout something
  22. pristine (pres-teen)
    • immaculate: so clean and neat as to look as good as new
    • *the house is in pristine condition
  23. taxing
    placing numerous and severe demands on somebody
  24. attain
    accomplish something, reach particular state
  25. unprecedented
    having no earlier equal or parallel
  26. viable
    • practicable or worthwhile
    • feasible, possible, sustainable, doable
  27. inexorable
    unstoppable: impossible to stop
  28. get rid of
    • dispose of
    • throw away
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