1. Visible?
    Able to be seen; exposed to view; not hidden.
  2. Taper?
    To make or become less wide or less thick at one end.
  3. Snout?
    The nose jaws that stick out in front of certain animals' heads.
  4. Sluggish?
    Lacking energy; not active.
  5. Slither?
    To move with a sliding, side-to-side motion of the body.
  6. Ripple?
    To form small waves.
  7. Protrude?
    To stick out; to project.
  8. Morsel?
    A small amount, especially of something good to eat; a tidbit.
  9. Gorge
    A narrow passage between steep cliffs.
  10. Flalil?
    To strike out or swing wildly; to thrash about.
  11. Conceal?
    To keep something or someone from being seen or known; to hide.
  12. Carcass?
    The dead body of an animal.
  13. Bask?
    To relax where it is pleasantly warm.
  14. Aggressive?
    Ready to attack or start fights; acting in a hostile way.
  15. Accommodate?
    To have or to find room for.
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