GCSE History

  1. There are two types of amrican govermemt they are
    • The state government
    • The federal government
  2. The federal govermnot has such powers as these throughout the USA
    • To provide the nations defence
    • To collect taxes and borrow money
    • To control trades between states and the USA and other countries
    • To control foreign policy
    • To provide for the nations general welfare
  3. The state government has powers such as these within its wn boundaries
    • To keep law and order
    • To provide public health
    • To provide educational facilities
    • To control living and working conditions
    • To help those in need
  4. The three main branches of the federal government are
    • The executive Branch
    • The legislative branch
    • The judicial branch
  5. The people elect for ........ ....... Who Vote for the ...... And ....... ...... . The president then appoints ........... to help him ..... The ......
    • Electorial voters
    • President
    • Vice president
    • Run
    • Branch
    • Secretries
  6. The president , secretaries and vice president work in the .......... Branch
  7. The president is responsible for
    Enforcing Laws written by congress
  8. The independant agencies and secretaries known as the ....... Are responsible for
    • Cabinet
    • The day to day enforcement and administration of the laws
  9. The legislative branch consists of the
    House of representatives and the senate who together form the congress
  10. The house of representntatives has the power to
    • Charge a serving government official with serious misconduct while in office
    • Elect the president in an electorial tie
  11. Congress have the power to
    Enact legislation and declare war
  12. The senate has the power to
    Ratify treaties
  13. To pass A legislation and send it to president to sign both
    The house of representative and the senate must agree to passing the legislation
  14. Members of the judicial branch are appointed By
    The president and confirmed by the senate
  15. Judicial branches consist of many
    Courts with the supreme court bein the highest court . The court solves disputes in laws
  16. When was the treaty of Versailles rejected
  17. In American law , any treaties made by the president must be
    Approved or ratified by the senate , where a to thirds majority was needed
  18. Congress is appointed by
    Voters (the people)
  19. In recent elections , the ......... Had gained control over the senate . Wilson was a ....... , so the senate was now dominated by his political opponents
    • Republicans
    • Demorcrat
  20. A debate began in the senate over whether or not to ratify the treaty of Versailles . The main opponent to Wilson was the ....... , ........ ..... ...... .....
    Republican , senatator Henry cabot lodge
  21. Senatoator Henry Cabot lodge did not Neccesarily want to reje t the treaty of Versailles completely , but there were some aspects of the treaty he greatly disliked , so he wanted to
    Change some of the aspects of the trGetty . Wilson however , was determined to keepreThe treaty in its original form . Wilson and lodge hated each other so a bitter dispute began
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