Vocab 2.6

  1. abstain
    to refrain, keep oneself from
  2. abstemious
    use of food/drink sparingly
  3. refrain
    keep from acting or responding to a stimulus or provocation
  4. forbear
    self restraint from patience, consideration or tolerance
  5. desist
    cease doing something
  6. alienate
    make hostile or unfriendly, to estrange
  7. alienation
    estrangement from persons to whom one was once attached, or from anything one was once a part of
  8. assess
    to estimate; impose a tax, fine or payment
  9. appraise
    set price or value
  10. evaluate
    estimate the merits of a plan or performance
  11. assimilate
    absorb, incorporate, make or become like or part of (that which incorporates it)
  12. cajole
    coax or wheedle, persuade by flattery
  13. blandishments
    cajolery which stresses flattery over persuasion
  14. persiflage
    banter, raillery; frivolous way of speaking in which to amuse
  15. concede
    admit, yield, grant
  16. though
    indicates admission or concession
  17. concession
    privilege granted
  18. condescend
    come down to another's level, deign
  19. deprecate
    to disapprove, protest against
  20. deprecate
    "to pray down or away"
  21. dissipate
    dispel, waste, live desolutely
  22. dissolute
    immoral, profligate and wanton in terms of living
  23. elicit
    to draw forth (information)
  24. educe
    draw or lead forth
  25. extract
    pull or drag out, overcoming reluctance
  26. extort
    use of threats, force or unusual pressure
  27. emaciate
    make very lean
  28. exasperate
    irritate thoroughly, infuriate
  29. asperity
    harshness or roughness of manner, weather, sound or materials
  30. acerbity
    sharper than asperity, but still harsh
  31. exacerbate
    make sharp, sour, irritating
  32. aggravate
    make worse
  33. altercation
    angry dispute or quarrel
  34. dissension
    strong feeling against a regime, situation or belief
  35. feud
    little war which may last a long period of time, usually made up of smaller incidents
  36. fracas
    noisy fight, quarrel or brawl
  37. litigation
    dramatic process of legal dispute
  38. dispute/disputation
    verbal argument or quarrel
  39. imbroglio
    confused entanglement or disagreement
  40. anguish
    intense suffering
  41. agony
    extreme torment, with undertones of struggle
  42. mortification/chagrin
    suffering from embarassment, shame or humiliation
  43. ordeal
    severe trial of one's courage, fortitude, endurance or skill
  44. tribulation
    prolonged misery, distress, affliction or sorrow
  45. purgatory
    place of prolonged expiation and purification by which one qualifies for paradise (especially in relation to Catholicism)
  46. crucifixion
    especially prolonged and harrowing ordeal; "cross"
  47. apparition
    specter or phantom, a sudden appearing (can be in relation to ghosts)
  48. phantom/phantasm
    something existing only in the mind, an illusion
  49. specter
    something seen, a visible ghost or apparition, or any object of fear and dread
  50. aura
    kind of vapor or mysterious atmosphere surrounding a person
  51. poltergeist
    noisy, usually mischievous, ghost supposed to specialize in table rappings, furniture topplings and other such happenings
  52. ectoplasm
    luminous aura allegedly emanating from the body of a spiritist medium during a trance
  53. zombi(e)
    corpse animated by a diabolic power; person either chillling and terrible or dull and unattractive
  54. banshee
    female spirit wailing a warning of an imminent death in the family
  55. barrage
    a shower (of artillery fire), a heavy onslaught
  56. salvo
    burst of fire from small arms or artillery; round of cheers or applause
  57. fusillade
    discharge of many firearms all at once or in rapid succession; figurative equivalent (of weapons fire) like an outburst of boos at a fight
  58. clairvoyant
    one who has unusual or preternatural insight
  59. preternatural
    beyond what is natural or normal
  60. duplicity
    double-dealing, deception
  61. facade
    the front or face
  62. holocaust
    widespread destruction, especially by fire
  63. holograph
    something written wholly in the author's handwriting
  64. conflagration
    very large fire
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