Trail Laying Dynamics

  1. The age of the trail is defined as:
    The period of time from when the trail was starting to be laid to when the canine is started on the same trail.
  2. Commit to memory these distances:

    1/4 mile

    1/2 mile

    3/4 mile

    0.6 miles

    1 mile
    1/4mile = 440 yards=402.3 meters

    1/2mile=880 yards=804.7 meters

    3/4mile=1320 yards=1207.0 meters

    0.6 miles=1093.6yards=1000meters=1 kilometer

  3. The principle rule of the trail layer is:
    "I will know the exact location of the trail at all times."

    Failure to follow this rule will result in drastic and detrimental problems in trailing training including:

    # The canine being corrected when following trail scent.

    # The canine being praised for being off of the trail.
  4. Trail Navigation: Methods
    # Sign

    # Flags

    # GPS

    # Landmarks
  5. Navigation: Landmark Considerations
    Select landmarks that are:

    1 Stationary 2 Visible 3 Provide a narrow overlay

    In using landmarks:

    1 Don't watch your feet

    2. Never end of turn at a landmark
  6. Wind Direction
    Never lay the last leg of a trail into prevailing wind current.
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Trail Laying Dynamics
Trail Laying Dynamics