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  1. define a structure
    • holds a load
    • All structures have a definite size and shape
  2. define strength
    describes how well a structure and/or material can resist forces (like push, pull, twist, etc)
  3. define stability
    • if an object is stable it will stand firm and will not fall over
    • many factors affect stability, like how tall or wide an object is, how heavy and object is, and the area of the base
  4. name 3 natural structures
    • rocks
    • caves
    • beaver dams
    • bird nests
    • trees
  5. name some man made structures
    • house
    • car
    • chair lift tower
    • office building
    • barn
    • table
    • toy box
    • desk
  6. what was learned in the cardboard tube experiment
    • shorter objects are more stable than taller objects
    • the taller the object the less stable it is
    • I know this because the taller tube fell first
    • I also learned that you can make tall objects more stable by adding weight to the bottom and making the base wider
  7. Is a short structure more stable or less stable
    more stable
  8. is a tall structure more stable or less stable
    less stable, it will fall easier
  9. what did you learn about stability
    • a heavier load should be put on the bottom
    • put weight in the base
    • the base should be wider than the top
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