1. Election of 1972
    • Dem: George McGovern
    • Rep: Richard Nixon
    • McGovern wanted to get out of Vietnam anyway possible.
    • George Wallace was running and doing well for the Democrat party, but he is shot several times by a man named Arthur Bremer. Now is paralyzed for the rest of his life.
    • Nixon and his people were burglarizing the DNC, and his people broke into it looking for 'stuff'. Someone sees them and calls the cops and this is known as the Watergate scandal. Agnew is forced to resign after word lets out of a scandal he was in while governor of Maryland. So now Gerald Ford is now put in his position.
    • Nixon wins and then resigns from the Presidency in 74, and this makes Gerald Ford President. Ford issues a pardon to Nixon and this makes the press dislike him.
    • Nixon negotiated a peace with the NV people. The war ends in 73. He bombed NV in 72 around Christmas. He did this about 12 days straight, and this forced them to negotiate with us.
    • The NV are breaking the agreement and then Congress blocks Fords attempts to stop them. and NV takes over SV in 75. Vietnam is now united and containment isn't working.
  2. Election of 1976
    • Dem: Jimmy Carter
    • Rep: Gerald Ford
    • Ford is running for his own term, and is challenged by Ronald Reagan. It is thought that this came down to Mississippi and that Ford's people bought them off.
    • Carter promised he would never lie to us.
    • Ford makes a mistake in a debate and says that Poland wasn't dominated by communist.
    • Carter wins in a very very close race.
    • Containment continues to fail.
  3. Iran Hostage Crisis
    • This ruined Carter's presidency. We supported the Sha of Iran. People rebelled in Iran and threw out Sha. They set up a theocracy. In Nov 1979, some students took over and held hostages in Tehran. Took our people and marines and held them hostage, and held them for over a year until Jan 1981. Carter sent in a Military escape mission but it failed.
    • Hostage's released the day of Regan's inauguration.
  4. Camp David Peace Accord
    Carter brought together the leaders of Israel and Egypt and negotioated a peace. This is by far one of the only things that Carter did good as President.
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