1. Election of 1960
    • Dem: JFK
    • Rep: Richard Nixon
    • VP for JFK was Lyndon Bains Johnson (LBJ)
    • These two were having television debates, and the director told Nixon that JFK wasn't wearing makeup, so Nixon didnt. Nixon looked horrible. People who watched on televison thought JFK won, and people who listened on the radio thought Nixon won.
    • Before JFK was married to his 2nd wife, he married a woman who was a Nazi spy. This was kept on the DL.
    • The election came down to Illinois. Basically this meant it came down to Chicago. Mayor Richard Daley was the mayor of Chicago, his motto was Vote Early and Vote Often, and they went with Kennedy. Nixon had the option to challenge and call the election a fraud, but it is said that he thought it thought and didn't for the benifit of the country.
    • JFK wins.
  2. Bay of Pigs Fiasco
    • This involved Cuba and a plan to invade Cuba and overthrough Castro. This was inherited by the Kennedy administration from the Eisenhower's administration. Robert Kennedy was the attorney general and very much involved in this.
    • We wouldn't invade Cuba ourselves, we would support anyone who would and supply them.
    • The plan leaked, Castro knew we were coming. Kennedy pulled back on air support when it was promised. Most people were killed or captured and then tourtured. JFK took full responsibilty for this and people were ok with it, except for the Cuban American's in South Florida.
  3. Berlin Wall
    • JFK goes to meet with Khrushchev at Vienna Summit and Khrushchev sees Kennedy as very weak. Khrushchev then orders a wall be built in Berlin in 1961. They put the wall up so people couldn't leave West Berlin to go to West Germany.
    • We do nothing while they build this. So Kennedy goes to West Germany and lets them know we support them. He says "Ich bin ein Berliner!" this means I am a Berliner, he actually said I am a Jelly Doughnut. But they understood.
  4. Cuban Missile Crisis
    • Our U-2 spy planes are taking pictures of the Soviets, and they are building missiles and see that they are going to strike 90 miles from the US and hit Cuba. This takes place Oct, 1962.
    • Probably the most intense moment of the Cold War.
    • JFK decided not to bomb them. He announced a naval blockade of Cuba. This was a defensive action. This would stop the Soviets from getting the supplies thye need to complete the missiles. The Soviets turned around and did not try to pierce our blockade.
    • We told them we would dismantle our missiles in Turkey if they didn't complete theirs.
  5. Viet Cong
    NV is communist, SV is non-communist. The communist in SV are trying to over through the government in SV and they are called Viet Cong. By the time Kennedy is assassinated we had 17,000 military advisors over there. We was aware of the people who assassinated SV's president and didn't tell anyone.
  6. Lee Harvey Oswald
    • On Nov 22, 1963, JFK goes to Dallas, TX. He is shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, who was a former Marine. He was shot in the head. Dead on Arrival at the Hospital. LBJ is inaugurated into office.
    • While Oswald is being transferred from a prison he is shot. He was a communist.
  7. Election of 1964
    • Dem: LBJ
    • Rep: Barry Goldwater
    • Goldwaters slogans were: Au H20.
    • Goldwater was said not to be trusted with the nuclear button.
    • LBJ said "We are not going to send American Boy's 9 or 10 thousand miles away to do what Asian boys should already be doing their selves."
    • LBJ wins in a landslide.
    • Goldwater knew he was going to lose, he said if he would have faced Kennedy he would have had a chance.
  8. Great Society
    LBJ persues this, somewhat like "The New Deal".
  9. Baby Boom
    This was from 1946-1964. There is so many kids born during this time tha the rebellion of the Youth wasn't able to absorb into the society well.
  10. Counter Culture
    These are the people who oppose mainstream America. They were told not to trust anyone over 30.
  11. My Lai
    This was the only documented case of deliberate civilian killings in Vietnam, they were punished for this.
  12. Election of 1968
    • Riots are happening everywhere.
    • Eugene McCarthy barley gets beat by LBJ in the New Hampshire primary.
    • LBJ then shocks everyone and says he will not run for another term.
    • Robert Kennedy "Bobby", then eclipses McCarthy. He won the California Primary, and the same night was shot and killed by an Arab Islamic Terrorist.
    • Dem: Hubert Humphrey, LBJ's VP
    • Rep: Richard Nixon, everyone thought he was politically dead, but he wins this. He promised a peace with honor in the war in Vietnam. VP was Spiro Agnew.
    • American Independent Party: AIP: George Wallace, runs and is governor of Alabama. Wallace's support was kind of an "Up Yours Vote" kind of a protest vote.
    • Nixon wins in a close race.
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