english LOTF vocab chpt 7-12

  1. loiter
    • v
    • to hang around, to be purposeless
    • "They went more slowly than Ralph had bargained for; yet in a way he was glad to LOITER, cradling his spear."
  2. floundering
    • v
    • clumsily trying to regain balance or control
    • "The boar was FLOUNDERING away from them."
  3. indignantly
    • adv
    • showing righteous anger
    • "I hit him,' said Ralph INDIGNANTLY."
  4. brandishing
    • v
    • waving around (as a gun)
    • "Jack had him by the hair and was BRANDISHING his knife."
  5. impervious
    • adj
    • unaffected by other's opinions or actions
    • "So they sat, the rocking, tapping, IMPERVIOUS Roger and Raplh, fumming; round them the close sky was loaded with stars, save where the mountain punched a hole of blackness."
  6. glowered
    • v
    • stared at with anger and resentment
    • "He GLOWERED up under his eyebrows."
  7. dread
    • n
    • a feeling of extreme worry or fear
    • "The circle shivered with DREAD."
  8. derisive
    • adj
    • showing contempt or ridicule
    • "Simon broke off and turned to Piggy who was looking at him with an ecpression of DERISIVE incomprehension."
  9. sanctity
    • n
    • sacredness
    • "...yet to the others the SANCTITY of the platform had protected even what was useless there."
  10. cynicism
    • n
    • doubting the goodness or sincerity of mankind
    • "The half-shut eyes were dim with the infinite CYNICISM of adult life."
  11. festooned
    • v
    • decorated
    • "Presently the creepers FESTOONED the trees less frequently and there was a scatter of pearly light from the sky down through the trees."
  12. sauntered
    • v
    • walked with casual purpose or with pride
    • "Seeing there was no immediate likelihood of a pause, Jack rose from the log that was his thone and SAUNTERED to the edge of the grass."
  13. tremulously
    • adv
    • showing fear and dread
    • "I'm chief,' said Ralph tremulously."
  14. daunted
    • v
    • made to feel anxious or intimidated
    • "Half-relieved, half-DAUNTED by the implication of further terrors, the savages murmured again."
  15. exulting
    • v
    • celebrating
    • "The chief led then, trotting steadily, EXULTING in his achievement."
  16. myopia
    • n
    • short sightedness
    • "...Piggy sat expressionless behind the luminous wall of his MYOPIA."
  17. talisman
    • n
    • lucky charm or token given superstitious value
    • "By him stood Piggy still holding out the TALISMAN, the fragile, shining beauty of the shell."
  18. obscurity
    • n
    • state of being unknown or inconspicuous
    • "The savage peered into the OBSCURITY beneath the thicket."
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