1. Aristotle
    • naturalist
    • philosopher
    • soul and body are not separate
    • knowledge grows from experience
  2. Descartes
    • scientific method
    • mind and body are separate
    • empiricism
  3. Wundt
    • German
    • birth of psychology
    • studied atoms of mind and conscience
  4. William James
    • Functionalism
    • 2st professor of psychology
    • 1st psych text book
  5. functionalism
    function of mind
  6. Freud
    • Austrian physician
    • unconscience mind and effects on human behavior
  7. Watson
    • Father of behavorist
    • if we can control enviroment we can control behaviorism
  8. Maslow and Rogers
    • Humanistic psychology
    • enviromental influences on our growth potential and our need for love and acceptance
  9. Psychology's three main levels of analysis
    • biological
    • social-cultural
    • psychological
  10. Neuroscience
    how he body and brain enables emotions
  11. evolutionary
    how the natural selection of traits the promotes the perpetuation of ones genes
  12. behavior genetics
    how much our genes and our enviroments influences our individual differences
  13. psychodynamic
    how behavior springs from unconscious drives and conflicts
  14. behavioral
    how we learn observable responses
  15. cognitive
    how we encode, process, store and retrieve information
  16. social-cultural
    how behavior and thinking vary across situations and cultures
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