Isolate MMT

  1. biceps brachii
    • palm up
    • elbow extension
  2. brachialis
    palm down
  3. brachioradialis
    thumb up
  4. triceps and anconeous
    flexion to extension
  5. supinator
    start in pronation and go into full supination ( hand placement like pronation and supination
  6. pronator teres
    elbows in

    regular pronation test
  7. pronator quadratus
    pronator test with 90+ degrees of elbow flexion
  8. flexor carpi radialis
    palm up

    up into flexion and radial deviation
  9. flexor carpi ulnaris
    palm up over table

    flexion and ulnar deviation
  10. palmaris longus
    not tested
  11. extensor carpi radialis longus
    • less than slight pronation
    • wrist over table in slight flexion
    • elbow flexed to 30 degrees
  12. extensor carpi radialis brevis
    • less than slight pronation
    • wrist over table in slight flexion
    • elbow fully flexed
  13. extensor carpi ulnaris
    • palm down over table
    • moves wrist in extension and ulnar deviation
  14. flexor digitorum superficialis
    • palm up on table
    • resist at middle phalanx
    • one finger at a time
  15. flexor digitorum profundus
    • palm up on table
    • resist at distap phalanx
    • one finger at time
  16. flexor digiti minimi
    • on table palm up
    • move pinky into MCP flexion

    • resisit at the middle phalanx
    • stable at proximal phalanx
  17. extensor digitorum
    palm down over side of table digits flexed

    • resist at proximal phalanx
    • stablize at MCP
  18. extensor indicis
    tested with extensor digitorum ( isolate pointer finger)
  19. extenoru digiti minimi
    test with extensor digitorum ( isiolate pinky)
  20. lumbricals
    claw to plank ( resist at prox phalanx)

    palm up on table

    too deep to palpate
  21. palmar interossei
    palm up

    MCP ABduction ( hand stretched out )

    • resist at proximal phanlx
    • stablized at MCP
  22. dorsal interossei WHATER?E?E?RE
    palm down and closed hand
  23. ABductor digiti minimi
    palm down on table

    move into AB
  24. opponens digit minimi
    palm up on table

    move pinky into opposition and resist on pinky metacarpal
  25. opponens pollicis
    palm up on table

    resist at thenar eminance
  26. flexor pollicis brevis
    palm up on table

    • stable at metacarpal
    • resist in direstion of thumb MCP extension on priximal them phalanx
  27. flexor pollicis longus
    • palm up on table
    • stable at prox phalanx

    resist at distal phalanx
  28. ABductor pollicis brevis
    palm up on talbe

    • stable at hand/ metacarpal
    • resists at proximal phalax as they go into CMC AB duction
  29. ADductor pollicis
    palm up on talbe

    • stable at hand
    • resits at proximal phalanx
    • start in ABduction to have them come down into ADduction
  30. extensor pollicis longus
    hand in neutral

    ressist at Distal phalanx
  31. exntensor pollicis brevis
    hand in neutral

    resist at proximal phalanx
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