MH 30 Chapter 9

  1. What are the 3 elements of Human Resources Panning
    • 1. Human Resources Law
    • 2. A Profiel of Staff Needs
    • 3. Job Analysis for each position
  2. 8 Steps in Job Planning
    • 1. Recruitment
    • 2. Seletion
    • 3. Orientation
    • 4. Supervision
    • 5. Training and Development
    • 6. Performance Appraisal
    • 7. Promotion and Career Development
    • 8. Termination (If Necessary)
  3. Laws that govern the rights of individuals including race, gender, age, sexual harrasment and diabiltiy accomodations.
    Human Resources Law
  4. Obeying the literal interpretation of a policy or regualation
    Letter of the Law
  5. Doing what a law intended but utilizing Human relations while implementing a decison
    The Spirit of the Law
  6. 5 Steps Needed to Achieve Excellence in Human Resources Planning
    • 1. Project Personnel Needs
    • 2. Plan for Achieving the Desired Personnel Profile
    • 3. Implement Changes Necessary to Achieve the Plan's Goals and Objectives
    • 4. Monitor and Evaluate the Effects fo Changes
  7. Staff demographics, expectations and qualification of each position along with a forecast of vacancies are basis tools for this step.
    Project Personnel Needs
  8. Internal strategies, Changing the Organizational structure, Changing the Job Design and using internal and external options to change personnel profile are all part of this step
    Plan for Achieving the Desired Personnel Profile
  9. Human resources goals, objectives and activities are written out in detail in this step
    Implement Changes Necessary to Achieve the Plan's Gal and Objectives
  10. In this step, Data and information is collected and used to oversee and appraise change
    Monitor and Evaluate the Effects of Changes
  11. EEOC
    Equal Employment Opportunity Commision
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MH 30 Chapter 9
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