Earth Long Ago

  1. dinosaur
    an animal that lived millions of years ago
  2. extinct
    once alive but no longer existing
  3. fossil
    what is left of a plant or animal that lived long ago
  4. paleontologist
    scientist who studies fossils
  5. amber
    hard sap of pine trees that grew long ago
  6. tar
    a dark sticky substance made from coal or wood
  7. museum
    a place where old things are kept to look at
  8. reconstruct
  9. skeleton
    the bones of a body that give it shape
  10. Triceratops
    name of one kind of dinosaur "three-horned face"
  11. herbivore
    a plant-eating dinosaur
  12. carnivore
    a meat-eating dinosaur
  13. omnivore
    a dinosaur that eats both plants and animals
  14. Apatosaurus
    originally called Brontosaurus, name means "thunder reptile"
  15. Stegasaurus
    had many plates on its back and sharp spikes on its tail
  16. Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)
    name means "king of the tyrant reptiles", a giant meat-eater
  17. Compsognathus
    one of the smallest dinosaurs, the size of a cat
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