History - Spanish American War and WWI

  1. Name the strike that steel workers created because their wages were cut. Who won?
    • The Homestead Strike
    • Business owners won, union workers lost
  2. Name some changes made by the Progressive Movement.
    Child labor laws, working conditions were improved, reduced work hours, and women's suffrage
  3. Women gained the right to vote with this Amendment (#)
  4. Susan B. Anthony and who worked hard for Women's Suffrage?
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  5. This movement was composed of groups opposed to the making and consuming of alcohol.
    Temperance Movement
  6. What is Prohibition?
    A period of time when it was illegal to make, sell, or drink alcohol
  7. This Amendment (#) prohibits the manufacture, sale, and distribution of alcohol.
  8. What were the reasons for the Spanish American War?
    • Protection of American business interests in Cubs
    • Support of Cuban rebels to gain independence from Spain
    • U.S.S Maine sinking (revenge)
    • Yellow journalism (exaggerated news reports)
  9. What were the results of the Spanish American War?
    • The United States emerged as a world power
    • Cuba gained it's independence from Spain
    • The United States gained possession of land
  10. Name the land that the U.S. gained from the Spanish American War.
    • Philippines
    • Guam
    • Puerto Rice
  11. Name the resons for the U.S.'s involvement in WWI.
    • Inability to remain neutral
    • German submarine warfare (sinking of the Lusitania)
    • The Zimmerman Telegram
    • U.S. economic and political ties to Great Britain
  12. Name the Allies during WWI. (Great Friends Remember Secrets Best)
    • Great Britain
    • France
    • Russia
    • Serbia
    • Belgium
  13. Name the Central Powers during WWI. (Germs Are Horrible Black Organisms)
    • Germany
    • Austria-Hungary
    • Gulgaria
    • Ottoman Empire (Turkey)
  14. Who prepared a peace plan called the 14 Points?
    President Woodrow Wilson
  15. Name the peace-keeping organization after WWI.
    The League of Nations
  16. What country did NOT join the League of Nations?
    The United States
  17. List the results of improved transportation.
    • Greater mobility
    • Creation of jobs
    • Movement to suburban areas
    • Growth of transportation-related industries
    • Communication
  18. Who was responsible for the invention of the airplane?
    The Wright Brothers
  19. Who was responsible for the invention / use of the assembly line?
    Henry Ford
  20. Who is responsible for the broadcast industry?
    David Sarnoff
  21. What are ways that electricity changes everybody's life?
    • Labor-saving products
    • Electric lighting
    • Entertainment
    • Improved communication
  22. What was the name of the place where people could drink alcohol illegally which also promoted organized crime?
  23. What were people called who smuggled illegal alcohol and promoted organized crime?
  24. What is the Hull House?
    A Settlement House created by Jane Addams. She helped immigrant children by providing a safe place where they could learn how to read / write and get medical care while their parents work long hours in factories.
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