Chapter 8 Terms

  1. aggravated robbery
    a robbery committed by a person armed with a dangerous weapon
  2. blackmail
    extortion of money, property, or services from a person
  3. carjacking
    taking a motor vehicle
  4. counterfeiting
    making an imitation of something with the intention to deceive
  5. embezzlement
    the crime of using a position of trust or authority to transfer or convert the money or property of another to oneself
  6. extortion
    the crime of obtaining money or property by threats of force or the inducement of fear
  7. larceny
    at common law, the unlawful taking of property
  8. vandalism
    the willful destruction of the property of another person
  9. malicious mischief
    the crime of willful destruction of the personal property of another
  10. petit theft
    minor form of larceny, theft of property of sufficiently small value that the offense is classified as a misdemeanor
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Chapter 8 Terms
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