bio final

  1. biology is the study of .....
  2. the steps of the scientific method are as follows....


    3. hypothesis


  3. the six kindgoms of life are...
    animalia,bacteria,archae bacteria, fungi,plants, protistis
  4. animalia is ....

    (describe it)
    multicelled organisms that move and consume food
  5. bacteria is....
    simple single celled organisms with no nucleus in their cells
  6. archea bacteria is .....
    similar to the above but able to survive extreme enviorments
  7. plantea is....
    live on land, have many cells ,and carry out photosynthesis to get food.
  8. fungi is....
    may be single celled or multicelled but generally dont move and usually feed on decay
  9. protistis
    small, may be plant or animal-like
  10. biological classification
    kingdom, phylum, class, order,family,genius,species
  11. biological saying
    kids play catch on freeway get smashed
  12. natural selection
    the weaker individuals die and stronger ones survive .

    (kill or be killed )
  13. darwins theory
    * correct

    * states that only traits individuals are born with will be passed on.

    *extinction (death of species)
  14. lamarcks theory
    *eventually proven wrong

    *evolution driven by the "use and disuse"

    * traits that acquire druing life (stretch
    neck) can be passed on.

    exctinction does not happen.!
  15. what are the biomes....
    desert, tundra, tropical forest, taiga, temprate forest
  16. desert is...
    the dry, hot biome not many plants or animals can survive
  17. tundra is...
    Image Upload 1poles are close so in winter days are shorter and very cold and dry
  18. tropical forests is...
    very hot and wet contains most of the animal and plants
  19. taiga is...
    cold & cone shape trees
  20. temperate forest is...
    cold in winter & hot in summer broad leaf trees.
  21. 6 main ocean zones are ...
    Image Upload 2interideral, benthic, pothic, apothic, continental, pelagic zones
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