CH. 8-swallowing terms

  1. Mastication
    the process of preparing food for swallowing
  2. Deglutition
    the process of swallowing
  3. Bolus
    ball of food or liquid to be swallowed
  4. Perioral Region
    region around the mouth
  5. Facies
    surface of a structure
  6. Oral Transit Time
    time required to move the bolus to the point of initiation of the pharyngeal stage of swallowing
  7. Esophageal Reflux
    esophageal regurgitation into the hypopharynx
  8. Nasal Regurgitation
    loss of food or liquid through the nose
  9. Pharyngeal Transit Time
    the time required to move the bolus, measured from the beginning of pharyngeal swallow to the time the bolus enters the esophagus
  10. Peristaltic
  11. Mechanoreceptors
    neural receptors designed to sense mechanical forces
  12. Glabrous
  13. Meissner's Corpuscles
    superficial cutaneous mechanoreceptors for minute movement
  14. Merkel disk receptors
    superficial cutaneous mechanoreceptors for light pressure
  15. Pacinian corpuscles
    deep cutaneous mechanoreceptors for deep pressure
  16. Ruffini endings
    deep cutaneous mechanoreceptors for tissue stretch
  17. Nociceptors
    pain sensors
  18. Salivation
    production and release of saliva into the oral cavity
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