Northwestern 325 D-08 Managing the Problem Employee Draft

  1. Job knowledge and common sense ____ _____ similar concepts.
    are not
  2. Two self induced pressures supervisors often place on themselves are?
    • You used to do it
    • Wanting to be liked
  3. What are the two beliefs that of management that are Roadblocks to successful performance counseling?
    • Will do nothing about the problem
    • that an employee will not change
  4. Roadblocks to successful performance counseling are divided ______________ and lack of _________________.
    • loyalty
    • confidence
  5. True or False - A supervisor should honor private conversations with their subordinates.
  6. A supervisor must exercise caution when deciding to ______-_________ in order to make a point as an employee.
  7. In the establishment of a relationship between a supervisor and an employee, this is not an element of authority:

    C. Democratic Leadership Style
  8. All of the following assist in maintaining the police culture except:
    A. Discipline
    B. Peer Pressure
    C. Groupthink
    D. Perceived Mission
    C. Groupthink

    • The following assist:
    • Discipline
    • Peer Pressure
    • Perceived Mission
  9. In the police culture there is a wide array of emotions experienced by officers. If not communicated _________ can be experienced.
  10. In order to counter groupthink, a group leader should: Encourage Skepticism, Encourage Dissent, and Seek outside opinions and not encourage immediate ______________.
  11. ________________ is considered a part of a dysfunctional culture.
  12. Emotional stress which arises from police work ___ ______ experienced the same by all officers, it reflects individual differences.
    is not
  13. All of the following are considered part of a functional culture, except:

    A. Risk taking
    B. Symbiosis
    C. Isolation
    D. Groupthink
    B. Symbiosis

    • Functional culture includes:
    • Risk taking
    • Isolation
    • Groupthink
  14. ____________ and ___________ are not similar ideas.
    • Performance
    • productivity
  15. No pride in __________ and ______________ is a strong indicator to identifying a problem employee.
    • appearance
    • performance
  16. All of the following are important reasons to consider regarding a problem employee except:
    A. Knowledge / training issues
    B. Personal Issues
    C. Medical Issues
    D. Conscious Decision
    C. Medical Issues

    • Important issues are:
    • - Knowledge / Training issues
    • - Personal Issues
    • - Conscious Decision
  17. Performance issues can be caused by all of the following except:

    A. Steroid Use
  18. What is the drug abused most often by members of Law Enforcement community?

    C. Alcohol
  19. According to “Choosing Appropriate Intervention Strategies”, officers who did not learn appropriate material during training phase, and the issue was not addressed by FTO’s/Supervisors, is referred to as __________ ___________.
    Systems problem
  20. True or False - Education and support are functions of upper level management.
  21. ____________ ____________ can impact the likelihood of an employee remaining motivated.
    Environmental Factors
  22. _______________ is the most powerful element in the solidification of the employee/supervisor relationship.
  23. Should a supervisor agree with an employee’s lifestyle, choices and decisions as a sign of respect?
  24. The ability component of work performance includes all of the following except:
    A. Knowledge
    B. Common Sense
    C. Age
    D. Ability
    C. Age

    • Ability components of work performance are:
    • Knowledge
    • Common Sense
    • Ability
  25. Internally motivated individuals seem to be influenced more by _______ and _________ then by pay and benefits.
    • Purpose
    • meaning
  26. True or False - Benefits and time-off appear to be more important to externally motivated individuals.
  27. According to the theory of responsibility and control, an essential resource of any organization is the _________.
  28. The principles of “Hiring a Worker to Work” and “Poor Performance is a Choice” are primary elements of:
    The theory of responsibility and control
  29. True or False - According to Mintzberg, Interpersonal, Informational & Decisional are three primary roles that managers serve.
  30. If the employee refuses to change, ____________ should be used.
  31. According to the theory of responsibility and control, ___________cannot force acceptable behavior.
  32. According to the theory of responsibility and control, education and support are functions of_______ __________.
    Upper management
  33. According to the theory of responsibility and control, training and documenting are functions of ____________________.
  34. A key element in identifying performance problems and setting goals to help influence change is being ____________.
  35. A common mistake with analysis is not recognizing the need for ___________.
  36. _________________ change is often a benefit of constructive complaining by officers.
  37. The biggest mistakes made by supervisors in counseling employees are ________-___ and ____________.
    • Follow-up
    • monitoring
  38. True or False - Verbal information from other supervisors is a valuable tool in dealing with a problem employee.
    False – It’s High Risk
  39. Gathering ____________ is one of the first steps a supervisor should do prior to counseling an employee.
  40. Influencing a change in _____________ is the primary purpose of counseling.
  41. True or False - At the beginning of the counseling session, a supervisor should start with positive accolades.
  42. True or False - A mistake often made during a counseling session is failing to ask the employee their side of the issue.
  43. _____________ is the most powerful weapon against poor performance.
  44. Employees identified and discussed in a work performance staffing should be monitored ___________.
  45. A basic mistake made by supervisors during counseling sessions is forgetting ____ _____ ____ _______________.
    You are the supervisor
  46. This intervention strategy is not covered by confidentiality: _____________ fitness for duty evaluations.
  47. Documenting, counseling, and referring to the employee assistance program are part of the functions of a_________________.
    Supervisor (Not upper management or organizational policy)
  48. According to the article, “When Departments Should Not Create an Early Intervention System”, the author argues that the easiest part to create in an early intervention system is early identification of possible problem ________.
  49. Based on “Ten Ways to Hire a Problem Employee”, accepting expert advice is considered a good _______ practice.
  50. The major issue with officer discretion is ________________.
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Northwestern 325 D-08 Managing the Problem Employee Draft
Northwestern 325 D-08 Managing the Problem Employee Draft