Psych 32 Chap 9

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    • A period of rapid physical maturation involving hormonal and bodily changes that occur primarily during early adolescence
    • Puberty
  1. A girl's first menstruation, comes rather late in the pubertal cycle
  2. Powerful chemical substances secreted by the endocrine glands and carried through the body by the bloodstream
  3. A structure in the brain that monitors eating and sex
  4. Important endocrine gland that controls growth and regulates other glands
    Pituary gland
  5. The testes in males
  6. A hormone associated in boys with the development of genitals, an increase in height, and change in voice
  7. Associated with breast, uterine, and skeletal development in girls
  8. The place in the brain where fibers connect the brain's left and right hemispheres, thickens in adolescence, and this improves adolescents ability to process information
    Corpus callosum
  9. The seat of emotions such as anger, matures earlier than the prefrontal cortex
  10. STI
    Sexual Transmitted Infections
  11. What percentage of 15-year old boys met the federal requirement for exercise recommendation
    31 percent
  12. 3 leading Causes of death in adolescence
    • 1. Accidents
    • 2. Homicide
    • 3. Suicide
  13. An eatind disorder that involves the renlentless pursuit of thinness through starvation
    Anorexia nervosa
  14. 3 characteristics of people suffering from anorexia
    • 1. Weighing less than 85% of the normal weight for your age range
    • 2. A distorted image of their body
    • 3. An intense fear of gaining weight that does not decrease with weight loss
  15. An eating disorder in which the individual consistenly follows a bing-and-purge pattern
    Bulimia nervosa
  16. What is the percentage of daughters of teenage mothers to become teenage mothers
  17. Piaget proposed around age 7, children enter this stage of cognitive development
    Concrete operational stage
  18. Piaget's fourth and final stage of cognitive development occuring around age 11
    Formal operational stage
  19. Creating a hypothesis and deducing implications, which orovide ways to test hypothesis
    Hypothetical deductive reasoning
  20. A heightened self-consciousness of adolescents
    Adolescent egocentric
  21. An adolescent's belief that others are interested in them as they are, as well as atrention getting behavior-attempts to be noticed, visible and "on stage".
    Imaginary audience
  22. The part of adolescent egocentricism involving a sense of uniqueness and invincibilty or invulnerability. The adolescent would usually make up stories to enhance themselves
    Personal fable
  23. A higher order of cognitive activities such as reasoning, making decisions, monitoring critical thinking, and monitoring one's cognitive procesd
    Executive function
  24. What advantage does a late maturing male have over an warly maturing male
    The late maturing boys had a stronger sense of identity when they were on thier 30's.
  25. What are some disadvantages for an early maturing girl?
    • They are more likely to:
    • 1. Smoke
    • 2. Marry earlier
    • 3. Engage in sex
    • 4. Drink alcohol
    • 5. Less likely to graduate high school
    • 6. Eating disorder
  26. What percentage of motor vehicle fatalaties involving adolescents does the driver have a blood level alcohol of 0.10
  27. What percentage of U.S. youth have engahed in sex by age 20?
  28. What factors contribute to the cycle of teenage pregnancy?
    • 1. Low patental monitoring
    • 2. Poverty
  29. What are 5 factors of early sexual activity
    • 1. Drug use
    • 2. Deliquency
    • 3. School related proems
    • 4. Alcohol use
    • 5. Poor parent-child communication
  30. A form of education that promotes social responsibility and service to the community
    Service Learning
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