1. Name all ingredents in tequilla lime shrimp app, Garnish/Plate and price.
    Shrimp, Tequilla, Wht Wine, fresh lime juice, red pepper flakes, garlic, cilantro, served w/ toasted garlic bread in a ceramic skillet and ben nap on fiesta platter. 1 lime wedge on skillet handle. $10.99
  2. How many ounces of Calamari per order? What is the sauce and garnish?
    7 oz rings, and 3 oz tenticles, served w/ sweet chili sauce, garnished w/ scallions and cilantro sprigs.
  3. Name ingredients in the Gnarley nachos. What are the protein choices? Price?
    8oz Ranchero Beans, 16oz chips, jack/cheddar mix, jalepenos, tomatos, 1oz ea guacamole, sourcream and pico, and 6oz choice of protein: Chicken, carnitas, carne asada or ground beef. $10.99
  4. Describe the Baja shrimp and avo cocktail.
    7 jumbo shrimp in a tangy mexican cocktail sauce w/ cucumber, onion, chile, cilantro, and fresh avo. Served with chips and soup spoon. 9.99
  5. List ingredients in the Quesadilla especial. How is it served. Price.
    12" flour tortilla, 4oz of protein choice, jack, cheddar cheese. Served w/ 2oz tomatillo-Avo salsa, 2oz red hat salsa, pich of cotija cheese and cilantro on a fiesta platter. 10.99
  6. Describe the padron peppers. How many per order?
    Imported mini green peppers, deep fried and sprinkled with kosher salt. garnished with alemon wedge and red seafood fork. 20 ea per order.
  7. Describe the Lobster Bites.
    A spiral basketful of crispy, batter fried langostino lobster tails served with a mild chipotle dipping sauce.
  8. How many oz of Guacamole is served per order? Price? how is it served?
    $8.99 Served in Molcajete with 9 seasoned chips dipped in and comes with chips in a lined basket.
  9. What kind of soup do we carry? How many oz per bowl/ per cup? Describe ingredients.
    Lobster Corn Chowder, a unique blend of crawfish meat, potatoes, onions, celery, and corn mixed with mexican spices. 8oz per bowl at 5.99 and --- per cup. Garnished w/ cilantro.
  10. Name ingredients in the Quesadillas Reyados.
    3 flour tortillas, 3oz carnitas, 3oz pepperjack cheese. grilled crispy in garlic butter, served w/ 2oz ramekin tomatillo salsa.
  11. Describe our ahi poke.
    Sashimi grade ahi, green onion and avocado tossed in a sesame viniagarette and drizzled w/ cilantro lime dressing served on top of crispy tortilla triangles.
  12. Describe the steamed mussels and steamed clams. How are they presented and how many lbs per order? price?
    • blk mussels steamed in a tequilla lime and garlic brothw/ grilled garlic breadand lemon wedge. 1lb. 9.99
    • Clams prepared the same, 2lbs
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