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    • Simpson-Mazzoli Act
    • Employers must document citizenship of their employees. Not very effective. Stops at employer
  2. Political Socializarion
    • How individuals discover political philosophies. Usually. 1. Family background. (informal)
    • 2. Media (informal)
    • 3. Education(formal)
  3. Melting Pot
    The mixture of cultures, ideas and people's that has changed the American nation. The united States with its history of immigration l, has often been called a melting pot
  4. Public Opinion
    The distribution of the population's beliefs about politics and policy issues.
  5. Demography
    The science of population changes
  6. Census
    A valuable tool for understanding demographic changes. The constitution requirements conduct an "actual enumeration" of the population every 10 years.
  7. Minority Majority
    The emergence of a non-Caucasian majority, as compared with White, generally Anglo-Saxon majority. It is predicted that. Y 2060, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, and Asian Americans together will outnumber White Amricans.
  8. Public Opinion Polls
    • George Gallup: measure public opinion
    • Sample Population 1,000-1,500 people
    • Random sample random digit dialing
    • Problem: people hang up
  9. Public culture
    An overall set of values widely shared within a society.
  10. Reapportionment
    The process of reallocating seats in the House of Representatives every 10 years of the basis of the results of the census.
  11. Sampling error
    The level of confidence in the findings of a public opinion poll. The more people interviewed, the more confident on me can bod the results. Error is usually about 3%.
  12. Sample
    A relatively small proportion of people who are chosen in a survey so as to be representative of the whole
  13. How are polls used?
    • Speeches: used to craft speeches (statistics, what matters to voters)
    • Information: follow the opinion rather than lead (change platform)
    • Wording: changed to get specific results.
  14. Exit poll
    • Public opinion surveys used by major media pollsters to predict electoral winners with speed and predict. They every 10th person what they voted for. Most influential in presidential elections. When voting only 270 electoral votes to win. With media there are two ways
    • 1: people vote for who is predicted to win
    • 2: people don't vote
  15. Political ideology
    A coherent set of beliefs about politics, public policy, and public purpose. It helps give meaning to political events, personalities and policies.
  16. Narrowcasting
    With 100s of Chanel's you can watch what you want.
  17. What distracts is from politics
    • Television: narrowcasting
    • Internet: facebook
    • Work
    • Proximity to events
  18. Distrust in government
    Vietnam, watergate, etc
  19. How is America split up by political maturity
    • Conservative: 36%
    • Liberal: 26%
    • People with political clout: conservative
    • Young generation: liberal
    • Women: liberal (more social issues, less military spending)
  20. Gender Gap
    A term that refers to the regular pattern by which women are more likely to support Democratic candidates. Women tend to be significantly less conservative than men and are more likely to support spending on social services and to oppose higher levels of military spending.
  21. African Americans
    Liberal policies tend to Benicia minorities
  22. Military
  23. 65+
  24. Other factors not contributin to policy views
    • State
    • Socio-economic stats
    • Religious philosophy
  25. Political Participation
    All the activities used by citizens influence the selection of political leaders or the policies they pursue. The most common but not the only means of participation in a democracy is voting. Other means McKee protest and civil disobedience.
  26. Participation in politics
    • Conventional: Voting, donating $, persuade, opinion peices
    • Signs phone calls (rallies
    • *run for office
    • Unconventional: dramatic. Civil disobeidieanc, violence (KKK, Black panthers
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