Security+ Acronyms

  1. 3DES
    Triple Digital Encryption Standard
  2. AAA
    Authentication Authorization Accounting
  3. ACE
    Access Control Entry
  4. ACL
    Access Control List
  5. AES
    Advanced Encryption Standard
  6. AH
    Authentication Header
  7. ALE
    Annualized Loss Expectancy
  8. AP
    Access Point
  9. ARO
    Annualized Rate of Occurrence
  10. ARP
    Address Resolution Protocol
  11. AUP
    Acceptable Use Policy
  12. BCP
    Business Continuity Plan
  13. BIA
    Business Impact Analysis
  14. BIOS
    Basic Input Output System
  15. CA
    Certificate Authority
  16. CAC
    Common Access Card
  17. CAN
    Controller Area Network
  18. CCMP
    Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol
  19. CCTV
    Closed Circuit Television
  20. CERT
    Computer Emergency Responce Team
  21. CHAP
    Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
  22. CIA
    Confidentiality Integrity Availability
  23. CIRT
    Computer Incident Responce Team
  24. COOP
    Continuity Of Operations Plan
  25. CRC
    Cyclical Redunancy Check
  26. CRL
    Certification Revocation List
  27. DAC
    Discretionary Access Control
  28. DACL
    Discretionary Access Control List
  29. DDOS
    Distributed Denail of Service
  30. DEP
    Data Execution Prevention
  31. DES
    Digital Encryption Standard
  32. DHCP
    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  33. DLL
    Dynamic Link Library
  34. DLP
    Data Loss Protection
  35. DMZ
    Demilitarized Zone
  36. DNS
    Domain Name System
  37. DoS
    Denail Of Service
  38. DRP
    Disaster Recovery Plan
  39. DSA
    Digital Signature Algorithm
  40. EAP
    Extensible Authentication Protocol
  41. ECC
    Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  42. EFS
    Encrypting File System
  43. EMI
    Electromagnetic Interference
  44. ESP
    Encapsulating Security Protocol
  45. FTP
    File Transfer Protocol
  46. FTPS
    File Transfer Protocol Secure
  47. GPG
    GNU Privacy Gaurd
  48. GPO
    Group Policy Object
  49. GPS
    Global Positioning System
  50. GRE
    Generic Routing Encapsulation
  51. GUI
    Graphical User Interface
  52. HDD
    Hard Disk Drive
  53. HIDS
    Host-based Intrusion Dectection System
  54. HIPS
    Host-based Intrusion Prevention System
  55. HMAC
    Hash-based Message Authentication Code
  56. HSM
    Hardware Security Module
  57. HTML
    Hypertext Markup Language
  58. HTTP
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  59. HTTPS
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
  60. HVAC
    Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  61. IaaS
    Infrastructure as a Service
  62. ICMP
    Internet Control Message Protocol
  63. ID
  64. IDS
    Intrusion Detection System
  65. IGMP
    Internet Group Management Protocol
  66. IIS
    Internet Information Services
  67. IKE
    Internet Key Exchange
  68. IM
    Instant Message
  69. IMAP4
    Internet Message Access Protocol v4
  70. IPS
    Intrusion Prevention System
  71. IPSec
    Internet Protocol Security
  72. IPv4
    Internet Protocol v4
  73. IPv6
    Internet Protocol v6
  74. IRC
    Internet Relay Chat
  75. IRT
    Incident Responce Team
  76. ISP
    Internet Service Provider
  77. IV
    Initialization Vector
  78. KDC
    Key Distribution Center
  79. L2TP
    Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
  80. LAN
    Local Area Network
  81. LANMAN
    Local Area Network Manager
  82. LDAP
    Lightwieght Directory Access Protocol
  83. LEAP
    Lightwieght Extensible Authentication Protocol
  84. MAC
    Mandatory Access Control
  85. MAC
    Media Access Control
  86. MAC
    Message Authentication Code
  87. MAN
    Metropolitan Area Network
  88. MBR
    Master Boot Record
  89. MD5
    Message Digest 5
  90. MITM
    Man in the Middle
  91. MS-CHAP
    Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
  92. MTU
    Maximum Transmission Unit
  93. NAC
    Network Access Control
  94. NAT
    Network Address Translation
  95. NIDS
    Network Intrusion Detection System
  96. NIPS
    Network Intrusion Prevention System
  97. NIST
    National Institue of Standards and Technology
  98. NOOP
    No Operation
  99. NOS
    Network Operating System
  100. NTFS
    New Technology File System
  101. NTLM
    New Technology LANMAN
  102. NTP
    Network Time Protocol
  103. OS
    Operating System
  104. OVAL
    Open Vulnerability Assessment Language
  105. P2P
    Peer 2 Peer
  106. PaaS
    Platform as a Service
  107. PAP
    Password Authentication Protocol
  108. PAT
    Port Address Translation
  109. PBX
    Private Branch Exchange
  110. PEAP
    Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol
  111. PED
    Personal Electronic Device
  112. PGP
    Pretty Good Privacy
  113. PII
    Personally Identifiable Information
  114. PIN
    Personal Identification Number
  115. PIV
    Personal Identity Verification Card
  116. PKI
    Public Key Infrastructure
  117. POP3
    Post Office Protocol v3
  118. POTS
    Plain Old Telephone Service
  119. PPP
    Point to Point Protocol
  120. PPTP
    Point to Point Tunneling Protocol
  121. PSK
    Pre-Shared Key
  122. PTZ
    Pan Tilt Zone
  123. RA
    Recovery Agent
  124. RADIUS
    Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service
  125. RAID
    Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk
  126. RAID-0
    Disk Striping
  127. RAID-1
    Disk Mirroring
  128. RAID-5
    Disk Striping with Parity
  129. RAM
    Random Access Memory
  130. RAS
    Remote Access Service
  131. RBAC
    Role-Based Access Control
  132. RBAC
    Rule-Based Access Control
  133. RC4
    Ron's Code or Rivest Cipher
  134. RFI
    Radio Frequency Interference
  135. RIPEMD
    RACE Integrity Primitives Evaluation Message Digest
  136. RPO
    Recovery Point Objective
  137. RSTP
    Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
  138. RTO
    Recovery Time Objective
  139. RTP
    Real-Time Transport Protocol
  140. S/MIME
    Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
  141. SaaS
    System as a Service
  142. SCAP
    Security Content Automation Protocol
  143. SCP
    Secure Copy
  144. SCSI
    Small Computer System Interface
  145. SDLC
    Software Development Life Cycle
  146. SDLM
    Software Delopment Life Cycle Methodology
  147. SELinux
    Security-Enhanced Linux
  148. SFTP
    Secure File Transfer Protocol
  149. SHA
    Secure Hash Algorithm
  150. SHTTP
    Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  151. SID
    Security Identifier
  152. SIM
    Subscriber Identity Module
  153. SIRT
    Security Incident Response Team
  154. SLA
    Service Level Agreement
  155. SLE
    Single Loss Expectancy
  156. SMTP
    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  157. SNMP
    Simple Network Management Protocol
  158. SONET
    Synchronous Optical Network Technologies
  159. SPIM
    Spam over Instant Messaging
  160. SPOF
    Single Point of Failure
  161. SQL
    Structured Query Language
  162. SSH
    Secure Shell
  163. SSID
    Service Set Identifier
  164. SSL
    Secure Sockets Layer
  165. SSO
    Single Sign On
  166. SSTP
    Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol
  167. STP
    Spanning Tree Protocol
  168. CAT-5 STP
    Shielded Twisted Pair
  169. SYN
  170. TACACS
    Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System
  171. TCO
    Total Cost of Ownership
  172. TCP
    Transmission Control Protocol
  173. TFTP
    Trivial File Transfer Protocol
  174. TKIP
    Temporal Key Integrity Protocol
  175. TLS
    Transport Layer Security
  176. TPM
    Trusted Platform Module
  177. UAT
    User Acceptance Testing
  178. UDP
    User Datagram Protocol
  179. UPS
    Uniterruptible Power Supply
  180. URL
    Universal Resource Locator
  181. USB
    Universal Serial Bus
  182. CAT-5 UTP
    Unshielded Twisted Pair
  183. VLAN
    Virtual Local Area Network
  184. VM
    Virtual Machine
  185. VoIP
    Voice over Internet Protocol
  186. VPN
    Virtual Private Network
  187. VTC
    Video Teleconferencing
  188. WAF
    Web Application Firewall
  189. WAP
    Wireless Access Point
  190. WEP
    Wired Equivalent Privacy
  191. WIDS
    Wireless Intrusion Detection System
  192. WIPS
    Wireless Intrusion Prevention System
  193. WLAN
    Wireless Local Area Network
  194. WPA
    Wi-Fi Protected Access
  195. WTLS
    Wireless Transport Layer Security
  196. XML
    Extensible Markup Language
  197. XTACACS
    Extended Terminal Access Controller Access Control System
  198. XSRF
    Cross-Site Request Forgery
  199. XSS
    Cross Site Scripting
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