Master and Lt. Exams

  1. The maximum diameter broken gas line allowed to be crimped is
    3/4" Plastic Only
  2. Define the term CAFS
    Compressed Air Foam System
  3. Describe the functions of the First CAFS Logic Board
    1. GPM Flowed (at that moment)

    2. Foam Mix Rate (0.5) to be changed to 0.3 when new foam arrives

    3. Total GPM Flowed (incident)

    4. Total Foam Flowed (incident)
  4. Describe the Second CAFS Logic Board
    1. Total Compressor CFM

    2. Air / Water Ratio

    3. Compressor Temperature (alarm 195 degrees / shutdown 205 degrees)

    4. Compressor Total Hours
  5. Describe the Two Types of CVFSS Attack Line Nozzles on the CAFS Engine

    Define which size attack lines are used with each nozzle
    Metro I and Metro II

    • Metro I is for lines up to 1-3/4"
    • Metro II is for lines 2" and 2-1/2"
  6. Describe the method used for maximum water intake from a hydrant.

    What condition does this create for the CAFS Engine
    • Open Rear MIV (master intake valve)
    • Close Auto Tank fill

    NO CAFS OPERATION - Water Only!
  7. Describe the Hose Loads on the CAFS Engine
    Green: 1-3/4" Line

    Yellow: 2" Line

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