Plnt Bio Lec 3

  1. Cell Wall
    a layer of material external to the plasma membrane of the plant cell that provides strength
  2. Chloroplast
    the cell organelle in which the reactions of photosynthesis occur.
  3. Cortex
    the ground tissue external to the vascular tissue
  4. Cytoplasm
    the living part of the cell, the interior to the plasma membrane but exclusive of the nucleus.
  5. Differentiation
    the changes in a cell as it assumes its final function in the plant body
  6. Elongation
    the enlargement of a plant cell along its long axis
  7. Epidermis
    the tissue that covers the primary plant body
  8. Ground Tissue
    the tissue in which the vascular tissue is embedded
  9. Leaf
    the main photosynthetic organ of the plant
  10. Maturation
    the final stage of cell development. In the case of cells of the Xylem, this may mean the loss of all the cell's contents.
  11. Meristematic Cell
    cells in active cel division. the first state in cell development.
  12. Photosynthesis
    the process whereby radiant energy is converted to chemical bond energy. The conversion of CO2 and H2O into a carbohydrate.
  13. Phloem
    the vascular tissue that transports organic materials
  14. Pith
    the ground tissue inside the vascular tissue
  15. Root
    Functions to absorb water and minerals from the soil and transport them to the stem and the leaves.
  16. Stem
    a plant organ that serves to transport material from the root to the leaves and the leaves to the root. Holds the leaves so hat they can carry on photosynthesis.
  17. Turgor Pressure
    the pressure of the vacuole against the cell wall and keeps the plant upright.
  18. Vascular Tissues
    the tissues that transport water, minerals, and organic substances. Consists of the xylem and the phloem
  19. Vacuole
    generally, a large membrane bound sac of water and dissolved substances. Important in defining the size and shape of the plant cell.
  20. Wall Pressure
    the pressure exerted by the wall counter to the turgor pressure
  21. Xylem
    the vascular tissue that transports water and minerals
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