Evergreen id. 7

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    Juniperus chinensis 'Tortulosa'

    Hollywood Juniper

    Zone 5

    No one top, corkscrewing/twisting out, known for habit, funky arms. Grows 10-15' tall and wide.
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    Juniperus chinensis 'Sea Green'

    Sea Green Juniper

    Zone 4

    Yellowish green, bushy, vasal shaped, specimin for habit and color. Grows 6-10' high and wide.
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    Juniperus chinesis 'Aurea' or 'Old Gold'

    Gold Coast Juniper

    Zone 4

    Yellow color especially on new growth. grows about 6" per year. Aurea lighter yellow than Old Gold. Grows 4-5' tall and 4-7' wide.
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    Juniperus chinensis 'Pfixeriana Glauca'

    Blue Pfizer

    Zone 3

    Comes in blue or green, describes all junipers, grows large and layers out, used a lot at rest stops because of ease of care and super low maitenance. Big and easy, takes only 10-20 yrs. to get to full height. Grows 10-15' tall and spreads 10-20' wide. (people scared to plant because when planted 20 yrs. ago, was not known that go so big, and are really hard to tear out.)
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    Fushia hybrida


    Zone 8

    Known for tinkerbell flowers, bicolored used a lot in bedding plant trade, 2 forms hanging (weeping) and uprights (shrub) blooms yr. round unless cold (goes dormant) hates dryness and high light, likes humidity and shade.
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    Culluna vulgaris


    Zone 4

    Tight and moundy, requires humidity and acidity, green/yellow/bronzy rust colored leaves, always has leaves, but changes colors with the seasons, scales (leaves) form crosses. Tight bush, known for flowers in summer (pink, purple, white). Grows 1-2' high and wide.
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    Erica carnea


    Zone 5

    Blooms in white and pinkish purpley flowers, looks a lot like heather, the leaves are different in that they are needles, single needles so they are more evergreenish, blooms winter thru spring, requires humidity and acidity. Grows 2' high and wide.
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    Musa acuminata

    Dwarf Banana

    Zone 10

    Big tropical foliage, edible banana, knon for fruit/flower, bananas are in different colors, leaf 4' long and 2' wide. Grows 15-20' tall and 8-10' wide.
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    Musa basjoo (ba-shoo)

    Hardy Japanese Banana

    Zone 7 (5) if in protected areas

    Leaves 6-7' long and 1' wide, longer and narrower that acuminata, flower is in lighter and greyer tones, not edible fruit because of size of seeds. Grows 15-20' tall and 10-15' wide.
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    Musella lasiocarpa

    Chinese Yellow Banana

    Zone 7

    Banana like yellow flower and tropical leaves, more bushy flower, sometimes used in cut trade, flowers grow upright, no fruit. Grows 5-7' high and wide.
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    Ensete venticosum 'Maurelii'

    Red Leaved Abyssinian Banana

    Zone 10

    Red huge leaves, 10-15' long, 2' wide, takes 2 yrs. to reach maturity, different flower than ordinary banana, fast growth rate. Grows 20-30' tall and spreads 15-25'.
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    Aucuba japonica 'Varigata'

    Gold Dust Aucuba

    Zone 7

    Leaves have a gold fleckin on them, grows well in low light areas- does best in the shade, used for massing, infill, and as a specimin for color. Leaves have a serrated edge. Grows 5-10' high and wide.
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    Phormium tenax

    New Zealand Flax

    Zone 8

    Xeric, grasslike leaves, comes in greens, purples, reds, and yellows, and flowers, mostly grown for the leaf, specimin for coloring. Grows 10' high and wide.
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    Fatsia japonica

    Japanese Aralia

    Zone 8

    Known for palmate leaf, lustrious leaf, tolerant of low light conditions. Grows 5-10' tall and wide.
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    Abelia x grandiflora

    Glossy Abelia

    Zone 5

    Thumbnail sized, trumpet-shaped, pinkish white flower; blooms in spring, leaves always opposite, lustrious leaves. Grows 3-6' high and wide.
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    Calocedrus decurrens

    Incense Cedar

    Zone 5

    Used for framing, and for formality, requires himidity, large spacing between awls, fairly large flat awls, little yellow pollen cones that come out in the winter, bark is red woodish, that is flakey. Grows 30-60' tall and spreads 5-10' wide.
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    Andromeda polifolia

    Bog Andromeda

    Zone 2

    Grows in wetlands, tight and round, little bell shaped flowers, needs humidity, low light, and acidic soil (although is tolerant of a little alkalinity). Rosemaryish leaf, weird blueish was that curves the leaf down on itself, specimin for habit and flowers. Grows 1-2' high and wide.
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    Buxus microphylla japonica

    Little-leaf Boxwood

    Zone 5

    #1 hedgeplant in the nation, small leaves sheers perfectly for hedging, needs protection from hot and dry conditions, very adaptive, if is not sheared will grow into mop-like shape, low light tolerant, most leaves on plant will have a little dimple at the top. Grows 3-4' high and wide.
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