Wordly Wise lesson 15

  1. ascertain
    v. To find out for certain.
  2. chastise
    v. 1. To punish by beating.
  3. cull
    v. To select and remove weak or inferior members from.
  4. defer
    • v. 1. To put off or postpone.
    • 2. To yield to out of respect for the knowledge or authority of another.
    • deference
    • n. Submitting to the wishes of another because of respect.
  5. desist
    v. To refrain from continuing something.
  6. discredit
    • v. 1. To hurt the reputation of.
    • 2. To destroy confidence or trust in.
  7. encroach
    v. To advance little by little beyond the usual limits or boundaries.
  8. foreboding
    n. A strong feeling that something bad is about to happen.
  9. humane
    adj. Compassionate, kind to other human beings or to animals.
  10. irrational
    adj. Lacking sound judgment; not governed by reason.
  11. lurid
    • adj. 1. Causing horror; extremely gruesome.
    • 2. Glowing with the redness of flames seen through a haze.
  12. perpetuate
    v. To cause to continue indefinitely.
  13. restive
    adj. Showing impatience because of restrictions or delays.
  14. stamina
    n. Physical strength or courage to resist hardship, illness, or fatigue.
  15. surveillance
    n. Close observation of a person or area.
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