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  1. Definition of a fruit (3)
    -ovary: matures into a fruit

    -seed (ovule) inside fruit

    -some fruit have additional flower parts, Accesory tissues
  2. Process of fruit development
    • 1.) pollination
    • 2.) fertilization
    • 3.) seed development
  3. (fruit development) Pollination
    -transfer of pollen from anther to stigma
  4. (fruit development) Fertilization
    a) double fertilization= 2 fertilizing events

    • 1.) sperm + egg= zygote and embryo
    • 2.) sperm + 2 pair of polar nuclei= endosperm
  5. (fruit development) Seed development
    -ovule develops into seeds

    -embryo (new plant) is inside the seed
  6. Fruit and seed development w/o stage 1-3
    • 1.) Apromixis
    • 2.) seedless fruit
  7. (Fruit and seed devlop w/o 1-3) Apomixis
    • -seed formed asexually
    • a) no fertilization of egg and sperm
    • -called parthenocarpy
  8. (fruit and seed develop w/o 1-3) Seedless fruit
    A) has steps 1 and 2 (pollination and fertilization)

    • b) seeds dont develop
    • -oranges, seedless watermelons, bananas
  9. Typical fruit
    a) derived from an ovary

    b) pericarp (ovary wall) becomes enlarged

    • c) 3 parts of pericarp
    • -exocarp
    • -mesocarp
    • -endocarp
  10. (3 parts of pericarp) Exocarp
    outside, skin
  11. (3 parts of pericarp) Mesocarp
    middle, flesh
  12. (3 parts of pericarp) endocarp
    inside, pit or stone
  13. Acessory Fruit
    • a) additional tissue beside ovary wall
    • b) with inferior ovary
  14. Acessory tissue formation
    1) floral cup

    2) Receptacle
  15. (accessory tissue formation) Floral cup
    - base of sepals and petals

    -forms a cup around ovary

    ex) apple
  16. (accessory tissue formation) Receptacle
    -often enlarged

    -base of flower/ fruit stalk
  17. Fruit function
    1) protect the seeds inside

    2) disperse seeds
  18. (fruit function) Protects the seeds inside-examples
    ex) acorn and nut
  19. (fruit function) Disperse seeds
    -sometimes with fruit

    • a) wind
    • b)water
    • c)animals *
    • d) fruit explodes *
  20. (Disperse seeds) Animals
    a) fruit becomes colorful/sweet eaten by animals

    b) spiny or sticky if covered by animal fur/less
  21. (disperse seeds) Fruit explodes
    -shoots out seeds
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