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  1. What are the differences between public relations, marketing, and advertising
    • .marketing: process of researching, creating, refining, and promoting a product/service and distributing to target consumers.goal is to make $$
    • pr: managment of relationships between an org&pub. advertising not involved.
  2. a positive force for change to help improve quality of ppl's lives/org. acting as a good citizen.
    Corporate social responsibility
  3. aggregate result of an individual opinion on public matters.expresses, adjusted and compromised to collective determination of course of action.a consensus, emerges over time, from all of the expressed views that cluester around an issue/debate.
    public opinion
  4. What do we have to know about each public?
    1. how much influence of public to achieve goals.2. publics opinion and issue in question.3. who are the opinion leaders/decision makers of pub.4. demographic/psychological profile of public.
  5. How is public relations defined?
    an organizations value-driven efforts to communicate w its publics in order to achieve organizational goals.
  6. What does your textbook say about the essential elements of public relations?
    1. PR is a managment function-yes.2. PR involves two-way communcation- not always.3. PR is a planned activity-yes but not always.4. PR is reasearch-based social science: yes. 5. PR is socially responsible: not always
  7. What are the four steps that constitute public relations process?
    1. research 2.planning 3. communication. 4. evaluation.
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