chapter1 sec 2 sciences

  1. density
    The amount of mass of a substance in a given volume
  2. pressure
    The amount of force pushing on an area.
  3. altitude
    Elevation above sea level
  4. pollutants
    Harmful substances in air, water, or soil.
  5. baromet
    An instrument used to measure changes in air pressure
  6. mercury barometer
    An instrument that measures changes in air pressure, consisting of a glass tube partially filled with mercury, with its open end resting in a dish of mercury.
  7. photochemical smog
    A brownish haze that is a mixture of ozone and other chemicals, formed when pollutants react with each other in the presence of sunlight.
  8. air pressure
    The pressure caused by the weight of a column of air pushing down on an area.
  9. aneroid barometer
    An instrument that measures changes in air pressure without using a liquid.
  10. acid Rain.
    that contains more acid than normal
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chapter1 sec 2 sciences
chapter1 sec 2 sciences