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  1. 220 RN08-04 What are the 3 levels of activation for CIMS? And who has the authority to activate?
    • 1) Citywide- PC, 1st Dep, Chief of Dept
    • 2)Boroughwide- Chief of Patrol, Borough CO - Duty Chief if absent
    • 3)Bureau (Transit/Housing) - TB Chief or HB Chief - Duty Chief if absent
  2. 220 RN 08 -04 When must an INcident Action PLan be written?
    • 1) If Operation period is to exceed 24 hrs
    • 2) Also unified Command element
    • 3) >1 Operational Period
  3. 220 RN 08-04 What is incident action plan attached to?
    Attached to any 49, If no 49 file at Pct
  4. 220-09 Who's permission is needed to gain site access or perimeter access?
    Incident Commander/Operations Section Chief
  5. 220-01 What kind of notifications do Deputy's and Assistants make?
    • Deputy-Important
    • Assistant-Just notifications
  6. 220-07 What agency sets zones for chemical jobs and bio/radiological jobs?
    • DEP-Chemical jobs
    • DOHMH-Bio/Radiological
  7. 220 Who directs the implementation of the Corp Emergency Access System?
  8. 220-12 Who deals with vendors and other agencies and manage MOU's
    Finance/Admin Section Chief
  9. 220 How much travel time do resources have? And how long do they have to be deployed?
    • 5 minute travel time
    • 3 minute to be deployed
  10. 220-07 Who advises Command Element of hot/warm/ cold zones at CBRN/Hazmat CIMS incident?
    Safety Officer
  11. 220-06 Who do you need approval from at a CIMS incident to release info?
    Command Element
  12. 220-09 Who is staging area manager?
    Operations Chief
  13. 220-01 What are the 3 levels during a CIMS incident?
    • Command Element
    • Command Saff
    • General Staff
  14. 220-03 What positions can each agency have thier own during a Unified or Single CBRN CIMS incident?
    • Operations Chief
    • and
    • Safety Officer
  15. 220 Who can give permission to enter inner perimeter?
    Incident Commander or Operations Section Chief
  16. 220-07 What postion reveiws and approves the medical plan?
    Safety Officer
  17. 220 Who prepares the medical plan?
    Logistics Section
  18. 220 What positions is to notify the Platoon Commander at Communication Unit of any public safety messages?
    Logistics Section Chief
  19. 220-05 What postions at a CIMS incident develops strategies and gives direction on tactics and what position executes specific tactics?
    • Commadn Element- Develop
    • Operation Section Chief- Executes
  20. 220-18 What sections may be relocated if necessary?
    Operations and Intell Section
  21. 220 Who prepares the communications plan, medical plan, and traffic plan?
    Logistics Section Chief
  22. 220 Who directly interacts with supporting agency representative?
    Liason Officer
  23. 220-08 How is cooperating agency defined?
    Resources other than tactical
  24. 220 What position at a CIMS incident is to provide the safety/security measures for all command posts?
    Operations section Chief
  25. 220 Who do people check in with?
    resource Unit of Planning Section
  26. 220 What 3 posts can't be near each other?
    • Incident Command Post
    • Operations Section
    • Intell Section
  27. 220 What are the only staff positions that can have their own posts?
    Operations and Intell
  28. 220-05 What is the order of operations at a CIMS incident?
    1)Rescue, 2)Crime scene, 3)Recovery
  29. 220 What agency coordinates the recovery /restoration effort?
  30. 220-07 If there is immenent danger who should Safety Officer notify?
    Command Element
  31. 220 What position supervises the preparation of the demobilization plan?
    Planning Chief
  32. 220 Who maintains the Inceident Comamnd Post Log?
    Planning Section Chief
  33. 220-01 Who is part of Command Staff?
    • Public Info Officer
    • Liason Officer
    • Safety Officer
  34. 220-01 Who is the General Staff?
    • I FLOP
    • Intell/Investigative Section Chief
    • Logistics Section Chief
    • Operations Section Chief
    • Planning Section Chief
  35. 220-01 During CIMS incident who has a Deputy and who has an assistant?
    • Command Element - Deputy
    • Command Staff- Assistant
    • General Staff- Deputy
  36. 220-13 Who conducts finicial analysis?
    Intell/Investigative Section Chief
  37. 220-02 What are the agencies involved in a single CBRN incident?
    • NYPD
    • FDNY
    • DEP
    • Dep Mental Health and Hygien
  38. 220-04 Who has authority to step in and designate a) Public Info Officer and
    b)Liason Officer?
    • a) Mayor's Press Office
    • b)OEM
  39. 220-02 What are the different agencies at a single CBRN/Hazmat incident in charge of?
    • 1) NYPD-overall site management and crime/terrorism
    • 2)FDNY-Life safety operations and mass decontamination
    • 3)DEP-Chemical and direct mitigation effort
    • 4)DOHMH-Bio/Radiological and direct mitigation effort
  40. 220-02 What agency is in charge initially at a single CBRN CIMS incident?
  41. 220 What plans do the Planning Section Chief supervise preperation of?
    Incident Action Plan and Demobilization Plan
  42. 220 From what unit must the Helispot Manager be from?
  43. 220-05 What is the span of control for a law enforcement CIMS operation?
    1:8 to 1:10
  44. IO23s03 Who does the supervisor in charge notify for a scheduled traffic related event? unscheduled?
    • Scheduled- Traffic Management Center
    • Unscheduled-Operations
  45. 220-25 Define kind and type
    • Kind-General Description (Team/people/vehicle)
    • Type-Level of capability
  46. 220 If NYPD is in charge of a CIMS incident what position must be filled?
    Intelligence Section Chief
  47. 220-09 Who ensures public safety?
    Operations Section Chief
  48. 220-02 Primary Agency in Unified Cmd Matrix
    C/W public health emergency
    Natural Disaster Weather Emergency
    Rail Incident
    Water/Waste Water Incident
    Telecommunication Incident
    All other utility
    • Aviation-FDNY/NYPD
    • CBRN/Hazmat- NYPD/FDNY
    • CW Pub Health Emergency-DOHMH/NYPD/FDNY
    • Explosion-FDNY/NYPD
    • Natural Disaster Weather- OEM/NYPD/FDNY/DOT/DSNY
    • Rail Incident- FDNY/NYPD
    • Water/Waste Water Incident-DEP/FDNY/NYPD
    • Telecommunicationns Incident- DOITT/NYPD/FDNY
    • Other Utility-NYPD/FDNY
  49. 220-02 Primary Agency in Single Command element
    • Auto Extraction- NYPD/FDNY
    • Boat Distress-NYPD/FDNY
    • CW Cyber-NYPD or DOITT
    • Civil Disturbance-NYPD
    • Confined Space Rescue-FDNY
    • Correction Facility- DOC
    • Downed Tree-Dept Parks/FDNY
    • Elevator Incident-FDNY
    • EDP-NYPD
    • Entrapment/Impale-FDNY
    • Explosives/threat-NYPD
    • Fire-FDNY
    • Hostage-NYPD
    • Sniper-NYPD
    • Special Event-NYPD
    • Structural Event-NYPD
    • Structural Collapse-FDNY
    • Suspicious Package-NYPD
    • Water/Ice erscue- NYPD
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