32-35 review

  1. What contributed to thesudden decline of the cattle kingdom?
    lizzards, drought (natural disasters), over production (greed)
  2. Who was the most famous African American in 1900?
    Harriet Tubman
  3. What were the geogrphical features of the American West of the late nineteenth century except the
  4. American farmers were hindered by what?
    seasons-winter's final frost, summer's allotment of water, early autumn storms plant diseases & valuable animals dropping dead & grasshoppers-all beyond human control.
  5. What was the Ghost Dance?
    Plains indians were doing a revival dance to
  6. What did the Populist platform demand?
    Goverment ownership of railroads, increase in money circulation, popular election of senators, inititare in repriendum (an offical rebuke)
  7. Eastern congressmen, not westerners, were the backbone of the movement to reform Indian policy. What did they enact in 1887?
    Dawes General Allotment Act, regarding the distribution of land to Native Americans in Oklahoma.
  8. Where did America's annexationist policies lead to an effective insurrection?
    We wanted to build a nanal across the Panama, Teddy Roosevelt declared independence of Panama to build the Panama Canal.
  9. What was the popular reaction to the outbreak of the Spanish-American war?
    American's especially businessmen were anxious for it to be all over, the newspaper was riddled with the brutalities of Spanish rule.
  10. Who portrayed the cowboy as a heroic, romantic figure?
    Ned Buntline- he wrote cheap cowboy novals "EC Jedson"
  11. The People's party was popularly known as what?
  12. What was the Populist program of 1892?
    a comprohensive reform package
  13. Who were the inhabitants of the southwestern desert?
    Navajo, Pueblo & Apache Indians
  14. Who were the outspoken advocates & critics of overseas expansion?
  15. Thanks to cheap public transportation in large cities, where did working people of the "good old days" go to take a not quite respectable break from the humdrum & workaday?
    an amusement park-Coney island
  16. What happened to agriculture during the final 30 years of the nineteenth century?
    it declined, product went up prices went down and all hired hands were fired everything went mechanical
  17. What did Woodrow Wilson do as president?
    He lead us through WWI
  18. Why did the "long drive" pass into history?
  19. What were the problems with the Dawes Severalty Act?
  20. Where did sharecroppers & tenant farmers outnumbered landowning farmers?
    Amoung Southern Blacks
  21. How did farmers organize to be more competititve?
  22. What was the CHIEF reason buffalo were slaughtered almost to extinction?
  23. What contributed to a spectacular rise in agricultural production?
    improved production & mechanisiums
  24. What was the mining fronitier?
  25. How did the people see president Theodore Roosevelt?
  26. What was the lyceum?
  27. How did President Theodore Roosevelt's Foreign Policy handle the world?
    he took an activist role in forming policy, mediated between Japan & Russia in 1905
  28. What were the culture & life style of Plains Indians?
  29. What was the typical Progressive?
    White anglo saxon, activist assertive prodestant (WASP)
  30. Progressivism as a "good goverment" movement made its appearance in the 1890's Where?
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