Psych 19 Ch. 12

  1. Identity
    The major personality achievement of adolescence and as a cruical step toward becoming a productive, content adult. Constructing an identity involves defining who you are, what you value and the directions you choose to pursue in life.
  2. Identity vs. Role confusion (Erikson called the psychological conflict of adolescence)
    Young people's earlier conflicts were resolved negatively or if society limits their choices to ones that do not match their abilities and desires, they may appear shallow, directionless and unprepared for the challenges of adulthood.
  3. Identity achievement
    commitment to values, beliefs, and goals following a period of exploration
  4. Identity moratorium
    Exploration without having reached a commitment
  5. Identity foreclosure
    commitment in the absence of exploration
  6. Identity diffusion
    An apathetic state characterized by lack of both exploration and commitment
  7. Ethnic Identity
    A sense of ethnic group membership and attitudes and feelings associated with that membership
  8. Acculturative stress
    Psychological distress resulting from conflict between the minority and the host culture
  9. Bicultural identity
    By exploring and adopting values from both the adolescent's subculture and the dominant culture
  10. Preconventional level
    Mortality is externally controlled. Children accept the rules of authority figures and judge actions by their consequences. Behaviors that result in punishment are viewed as bad, those that lead to rewards as good.
  11. Conventional level
    Individuals continue to regard conformity to social rules as important, but not for reasons of self-interest. They believe that actively maintaining the current social system ensures positive relationships and societal order
  12. Postconventional level
    Individuals move beyond unquestioning support for their own society's rules and laws. They define morality in terms of abstract principles and values that apply to all situations
  13. Moral Self-Relevance
    the degree to which morality is central to self-concept
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