Psych 19 Ch. 11

  1. Formal Operational Stage
    Around age 11, young people develop the capacity for abstract, systematic, scientific thinking.
  2. Hypothetico-deductive reasoning
    When faced with a problem, they start with a hypothesis, or prediction about variables that might affect an outcome, from which they deduce logical, testable inferences. Then they systematically isolate and combine variables to see which of these inferences are confirmed in the real world.
  3. Propositional thought
    Adolescents' ability to evaluate the logic of propositions (verbal statements) without referring to real-world circumstances
  4. Imaginary Audience
    Adolescents' belief that they are the focus of everyone else's attention and concern
  5. Personal Fable
    Certain that others are observing and thinking about them, teenagers develop an inflated opinion of their own importance - a feeling that they are special and unique
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