Social Psych Final

  1. Group:
    two or more individuals who influence each other
  2. What are the 3 components of a group?
    • interdependence
    • group identity
    • group structure
  3. Reasons ppl join a group?
    • to get things done that would be difficult to accomplish alone
    • expectation of individual failure and group success
    • current needs, individualistic societies
  4. Social facilitation:
    tendency of ppl to perform simple or well-learned tasks better when others are present
  5. Deindividuation:
    loss of self-awareness and evalution apprehension
  6. group polarization:
    group-produced enhancement of members' preexisting tendencies
  7. diffusion of responsibility:
    psychological phenomenon in which ppl are less likely to take action or feel a sense of responsibility in the presence of a large group of ppl
  8. social loafing:
    tendency for ppl to exert less effort when they pool their efforts towards a common goal than when they are idividually accountable
  9. groupthink:
    styles of group decision making characterized by a greater desire among members to get along and agree with one another than to generate and critially evaluate alternative viewpoints and positions
  10. Symptoms of groupthink:
    • illusion of invulnerability
    • unquestioned belief in the group's morality
    • rationlization
    • stereotypes view of opponent
    • conformity pressure
    • self-censorship
    • illusion of unamity
    • mindgaurds
  11. Article antecedents:
    • cehesive group
    • leader preference for a certain decision
    • insulation of the group from outside opinions
  12. article groupthink symptoms:
    • invulnerability
    • rationalization
    • morality
    • pressure on dissent
    • self-censorship
    • illusion of unamity
    • mindgaurding
  13. Article decision making defects:
    • few alternatives
    • no re-examination of alternative
    • rejecting expert opinions
    • rejecting negative information
    • no continzgency plans
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