1. The birth of venus, Botticelli, 15th century

    The burning of the house of lords and common; JMW Turner; 19th century

    The banjo lesson; Henry Oswassa turner; 19th century

    Harmony in Red; Henry Matisse; 20th century

    Evening Star VI, Georgia O’keefe; 20th century

    Self portrait with cropped hair; Frida Kahlo; 20th century

    American gothic; Grant Wood; 20th century

    Autumn Rhythm; Jackson Pollack; 20 century

    Stone Age Waiter; bansky; 21st century
  2. 1.
    • to integrate Christian spirtual traditions with the rational ordering of physical life in earthly space
    • 16th century
    • Masaccio, Donatello, Sandro Botticelli, Leondaro da Vinci, Michelangelo Buronarroti
  3. 2.
    Ancient African Art was made from perishable materials; hardly any remain before the 13th century
  4. 3.
    Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Eygptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Mayan, gothic, Italian Renaissance, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionalism, Expressionism, Dada, surrealism, regionalism, pop art, conceptual art, video art, post modern, street art
  5. 4.
    • it was a reninvention of pictorial space; empasized pictorial composition over personal expression through color or brushstroke
    • 20th century
    • Picasso, Braque, DuChamp
  6. 8.
    was made from blac granite; veterans hated it & felt it didn't reflect their purpose. Veterans got together to create a bronze statue of 3 soldiers; after awhile they realized the original was emotional and powerful
  7. 9.
    • Grant wood, thomas hart bradley;
    • the depression and political upheaval
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