Biology3 Lab10

  1. the five stages of mitosis:
    • Interphase
    • Prophase
    • Metaphase
    • Anaphase
    • Telophase
  2. meiosis
    the production of haploid gametes (sperm or eggs)
  3. where is the only place meiosis occurs?
    gonads (ovaries/testes)
  4. homologous chromosomes
    chromosomes that carry the same genetic information (almost always the same size and shape)
  5. independent assortment
    • separate genes for separate traits are passed independently of one another from parents to offspring.
    • alleles of different genes assort independently of one another during gamete formation
  6. crossing over
    the exchange of genetic material between homologous chromosomes
  7. where in the body does sperm mature after completing meiosis?
  8. why is it advantageous for a single egg to be formed during meiosis in the human female?
    to gain more cytoplasm to nurture fertilization
  9. what is the function of the fertilization membrane?
    to block more than one sperm from fertilizing the egg
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