Wait Till Next Year vocab and setting

  1. admonish
    to caution; warn
  2. banter
    good-natured, playful talk
  3. converge
    to come together for different directions
  4. slight
    an insult to one's pride or self-esteem
  5. demise
    an ending of existence
  6. setting
    the time, place, and culture in which the action of a story occurs (time, place, season, and customs or community)
  7. Setting: Details of Time
    • Portable radios with earphones help place story in 1950s.
    • James Dean, an American film actor, died in 1955.
    • The Brooklyn Dodgers lost the World Series six times between 1941 and 1953.
  8. Setting: Details of Place
    • the Brooklyn Bridge
    • the Yankee Stadium
    • the Brooklyn subway
  9. Setting: Details of Season
    • The Doris and Elaine looked up at the autumn sky talking about death and James Dean
    • The World Series takes place during autumn.
  10. Setting: Details of Customs or Community
    • The whole community watches baseball.
    • The teachers let the students listen to the radio.
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Wait Till Next Year vocab and setting
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